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I made this post because there are a lot of people who actually  knows this awesome band for the wall or dark side of the moon, and they ignore the greatness of all their albums, so in my opinion:

M.U.A:  "Obscured by clouds"  I just never get bored of this master piece, is a fortune to me have discovered a song like mudmen or absolutely curtains.

M.U.S: "Sheep", no words, is the perfect closure of "Animals"

Bonus ;):

    Most underrated guitar solo: (Pigs three diferent ones)

So what do you think guys... :)

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I've listened to all of them many times.  It lives in the shadow of DSOTM.  Obscured by Clouds is really good if you give it a good ear.  A bit of a departure from the psychedelic "noodling" that was going on, but from a really good "out in left field" POV, this album is pure Floyd. 


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