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just curious .i always like david gilmour ,not just because he was a stone cold fox in his youth ,but because his guitar playing bringss so much emotion and dynamics to his music and to the group as a whole .his playing allows to to go places that many other bands simply can't take you .although i think that may be the topic of an another discussion.

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David Gilmour is the master - his licks are so inspiring and every note seems as if he squeezes every ounce of musical juice out of it while it is being played!
I agree.
david gilmour hands down
I Just cannot answer this question, all of them are genius..
I got to go with Roger Watters.  As incredibly talented as David Gilmour is, Watters is without question my pick.

I agree Mike, Rogers solo albums are excellent, Davids are not, my wife bought me "On an island" I have only played it once. Whereas I listen to Roger frequently.

i agree with you on every level--david gilmour's guitar playing just brings me to a better place--and he was a fox to boot.

David Dimour is for sure my favorite and a big inspiration! even though I'm a Bass player:) But I'm very inspired by he's almost suparnatural feeling behind he's style of playing he's guitar! and if I could give only one small part of that feeling when I'm on stage I would really consider mysielf to be on a good path to the Musician I always wanted to be!

David Gilmour definitely gets my vote.  Althogh I just saw Rogers Waters do The Wall Live at an open forum, AT&T Park, and it was truly theater!  Awesome job... very impressive.  He still looks great too!


If Roger wasn't such a megalomaniac. I would choose him.Because his lyrics will always resonate in my mind, even after I'm dead, but Dave is the "voice" of reason. I agree he is a perfect genious on guitar. I wish they could have worked out their differences. So my answer has to be Dave, mainly because he held the group together the best he could.

Gilmour, hands down!

Hi Cocoa and everybody

My faves  would have to be David,Roger and Syd. Syd really started it all.

Hey, I'd like to share my Pink Floyd moment with you all. I was at a PF concert in San Fran at the (I believe)  Carousel Balroom. It was 1970 and the Floyd had just released "Atom Heart Mother" which they played  the entire

suite along with the choir. I was with a very dear friend and we were sitting on the floor right in front of the stage (right side) where Roger was usually standing.

During a break between songs, Roger was retuning his bass very close to where we were sitting. I was having a snack (munchies) of a product called Screaming Yellow Zonkers which are a caramel coated pop corn product. He was within earshot of my friend and I and I asked him if he would like some screaming yellow honkers. He walked over and leaned down and took a handful of zonkers handed the box back and in a very soft voice said "Thank you" My friend and I looked at each other, wide eyed and proclaimed that the floyd like screaming yellow zonkers. We busted up laughing and that folks was my PF moment.

The concert was awesome, they played songs from Ummaguma (the live side) in its entirety as well as AHM,If and I believe, Cymbaline. My first PF concert. Everyone was blown away.


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