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just curious .i always like david gilmour ,not just because he was a stone cold fox in his youth ,but because his guitar playing bringss so much emotion and dynamics to his music and to the group as a whole .his playing allows to to go places that many other bands simply can't take you .although i think that may be the topic of an another discussion.

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Great story Stan, although Roger did spit at a fan once. Which he was mortified by

Yes am aware of the spitting incident, very sad. This was in 1970 so fame hadn't ruined Roger...yet

Glad you enjoyed my "moment"

Roger is one of the few people I would love to meet, so therefore I envy you.But a great moment to treasure.

And  I heard he regretted the incident. No doubt he must have with negative press. Regardless of the spitting, I am not a fan of his personality and ego which seems to get in the way of his judgement.  

I also really like David Gilmour....I wish that he would tour the US ..when was the last time he toured here?  My husband and I would love to see him!


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