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Carlos Santana falls asleep at the wheel, totals car in Las Vegas !
Hey at least he didn't mess up his fingers and seriously get hurt.
Nice car to totally total by the way Carlos!
Read More About It Here!

When I read about this the other day they called it fender This sure doesn't look like a fender bender..  Anyone else ??? lmao

I have always wanted to check this out when it come to Tempe AZ but have always been busy and missed it!

Looks super cool anyone else ever went before?


Pink Floyd Laser Light Spectacular Tour Dates

I wouldn't mind checking that out. They may have been to a casino in the area. It took me a while to find their promo video. I think they should update their website and that should be on the front page.  Lazer light show --> hey guys show me the lights ;)

I'm always in search of music for the station with a sitar influence.
Right now I'm mixing in obviously all the Shankar, Ananda, Ravi, Anoushka "Damn is she smoking hot!
plus some Okko.
Any ideas on bands/artists with a sitar sound that would fit into the station hit me up.


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