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I have spoke with a few people on here and many agree that they are confused as to where to be posting so people can reply and comment on your posts so basically I created this to avoid any future confusion within the Proglosophy group.
Believe me I have done the same thing many times that's why I'm posting this.
The "Right" way to post in here so people can comment directly on your posts etc.. is to Reply To A discussion and that is exactly why I am creating these sub-topics withing this group.
If you have a discussion you would like to add and you don't find it in the Sub-Topics/Discussions you can create a discussion.
I hope this helps.

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I agree its very easy to get confused here. I have been confused on more than one occasion here. I actually posted in the wrong place yesterday when Rich started the group. It is pretty simple to add a new discussion. Just click on the add button at the top right hand corner of this screen. You give it a  title and fill in the rest of required information. You can add links or video and whatever you feel might be relevant to your topic and you're good to go. You can always go back later and modify your topic. Ask anyone here that posts on a regular basis. Just message me because I would be glad to help anyone that is trying to post a topic on the site. I will post some step by step instructions later with screen prints. 30% off and I am on a mission at the mall. Peace and thanks for the post Tad.

I hope to have covered most of the general sub-topics within the Proglosophy group so people can click on a section in the group and others can then comment on their posts in the group etc..
Photos and videos, General Progressive rock & music discussion etc...
I just really think and as I have seen on other forums etc.. this should help to make the group more user friendly etc.. and avoid confusion.
THX Karen

Awesome Karen!


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