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Prog rock fans rejoice! Now is the chance to discuss your favorite progressive rock band, and tell us why they are so good! Who is your favorite and why? It's a genre that I certainly need to listen to more of...

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I have to go with Pink Floyd today.  I never get tired of them or their music. Always get something different out of it when I listen to their songs. "YES" is also a favorite and would have to be my 2nd choice.  I think many groups have done some progressive rock music at one time or another in their career. Great topic Rich and thx for posting.  Keeping it progressive ---> ✌ 

I have to go with one of my favorites as Ozric Tentacles
Back in the days this group used to tell fans to send in a blank cassette tape and they would fill it with music and send it back to them!
How awesome is that.
I hope everyone enjoys this group and can turn me onto new music!
Prog-Losophy Kinda like the Philosophy of Prog.

that is the way it should be - sharing the music with the fans..  love their site..

I can't really pin down a favourite. Having grown up listening to Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Rush, Jethro Tull, Camel, King Crimson and Emerson, Lake and Palmer I find I listen to tracks from all these Bands. I've even gone as far as making my own compilation for my mp3 player to listen to. If I was to pick a track from the Bands mentioned I'd probably pick Thick as a brick by Tull as first, Close to the edge by Yes as second and Supper's Ready by Genesis for third.  

I also grew up listening to most of them.  Some great choices  ---> Enjoy 

I have to say Jethro Tull. When I first heard Thick as a Brick I enjoyed listening to the different parts

of this concept album. I soon started collecting the previous albums to this release and have been

collecting studio and live albums and DVD's since. I did attend several JT concerts including the

"Passion Play" and "Warchild" tours. Combining visual and audio with the shows was nothing short


My next favorite band would have to be Pink Floyd. What can you say about the Floyd, although the

Floyd have not toured or put out an album in years I still enjoy listening to those studio albums. The

first album I heard of PF was Ummagumma. I was just knocked out with the "live" material. The

"studio" record I had to listen to a few times I enjoy "The Narrow Ways" and thought "Several small

furry..." was a surreal acid vision "Grandchester Meadows" and "Sysphus" are superb. I know the

Floyd dismiss this album but it was the first album I heard and so glad I did.

 Stan sounds like you have a  nice collection.. Sorry to say I never got to see Jethro Tull back in the day. Would have been an amazing concert I amsure. Of course, I never tire of Floyd.. 

Suppers ready and The Knife! Old Genesis is awesome good choices Mark!

My favourite Prog Rock band is Barclay James Harvest, I first seen them live in 1970, I have over 20 of their albums (and I still haven't got them all). I have seen them live many times. There are only two of the original group still alive, John Lees and Les Holroyd, and they both still play as BJH. Loads of fantastic songs in their history, if you haven't heard any....WHY NOT, give them a listen, they are brilliant. I consider one of their best albums to be Barclay James Harvest.....and other short stories, give The Poet/After The Day a listen, absolutely brilliant.

 I have to admit I am not sure I heard them. Maybe not putting a name to the music.  I need to google and give them a listen. Will be posting a video soon ;)

Yes. They always bring a smile to my face. Perhaps because of the many good memories. I also like Pink Floyd, Tull, Peter Gabriel's Genesis, King Crimson, Gentle Giant, ELP, Van Der Graf Generator, Focus, Camel, Strawbs,Triumvirat, PFM...

my favorite would always be Pink Floyd , they always make me happy when I listen to them. Followed close behind by Rush (2112 was one of my first albums). Also I just heard  the band Ozric Tentacles today and I like them a lot. I don't think they fit in with some peoples idea of "classic" rock, because they only started in '83, but they are definitely prog.


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