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Who is your favorite Yes drummer: Bill Bruford or Alan White?

 I’ve stayed away from asking who is the “ best” drummer because the question is unfair and even nonsensical, as both are excellent drummers with distinct styles. It would be like asking whether Clapton was better than Page, or if Plant was better than Morrison.

In all fairness, I think that Bruford was unique. With his jazzy, polyrhythmic style, avoiding the standard rock cliche's, he helped define the original sound of the band. I think that he  played during the group’s creative peak and was an important component during that period. His sound is instantly recognizable, as is the case with Ringo, Moon and Carl Palmer.

That being said, I think that White is better suited for the group’s post CTE sound and style. He has done a terrific job covering Bruford’s parts in the early material and, to his credit,  he never tried to mimic Bruford's style in the new material. He was originally a keyboard player, and this translated well into his soulful drumming. What do you think?

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