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Definitely a very under-rated, under-played band - a few of my favorites are Starship Trooper and Roundabout. What are you favorite Yes songs and why?

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There are so many...but if I must choose just one I would have to go with "And You and I".

It has everything that I like about Yes: It opens with a beautiful chord progression over distant organ chords, Then, the Moog enters for a simple solo, Jon Anderson’s unique vocals, accompanied by a second vocal track by Anderson harmonizing with himself, plus Squire and  Howe’s counter – melodies and alternate lyrics, numerous key changes, mellotron, moog, synthesizer, guitar solos, and that ending:

..And you and I climb clearer towards the movement.
And you and I called over valleys of endless seas…

yeah , I agree a great tune.  I also love the lyrics ---> beautiful 


Wow you are so right!...."And You and I" has everything you could want in a song!! We bought the "Close to the Edge" cd a few weeks ago and it has 2 versions of "And You and I" on it.  They are both great!! 

It changes for me, but currently it is Starship Trooper.

Hey mark, haven't seen you in a while.


nice live performance.. thx for sharing ;)  btw very spiritual and this performance really moved me. 

wow this is awesome.. Never saw this video before. Especially loving the piano intro - i grew up playing classical piano and the music is lovely.  all the solos rock :) bookmarked 


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