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Definitely a very under-rated, under-played band - a few of my favorites are Starship Trooper and Roundabout. What are you favorite Yes songs and why?

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Hi Enrique...did you go to this concert?? just wondering...we saw Yes a few months after this was shot and I think "Awaken"  is THE most haunting..beautiful songs I've ever heard!! and 2nd is "And You and I"!! Each musician / singer in the Yes band that performed the night we went is a Virtuoso!!  Jon Davison is an excellent singer and Performer!!  There's a reason why he was ASKED to join them on this TOUR..which was 6 months long.! 

Shirley, yeah he does an excellent job. I am not sure why it just doesn't seem the same without Jon Anderson as the front man. No doubt, Jon Davidson is very talented and I give him credit for doing an amazing job. He was well groomed for his position in the band with his prior experience. He is younger and I am sure a huge plus for the band also. Easy on the eyes :) Still would love to see some of your pics from the concert  ;) Come into chat sometime and maybe we can resolve the upload issues.


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