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September 2009 Blog Posts (17)

Devil In Disguise

In August of 1968 the Byrds released their sixth album, the seminal Sweetheart of the Rodeo. But this album went in a different direction from previous Byrds albums and was marked by a change in band membership. Singer/guitarist David Crosby and drummer Michael Clarke had departed after album #5, The Notorius Byrd Brothers, and had been replaced by drummer Kevin Kelley and multi-instrumentalist/singer Gram Parsons.

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Watch Classic Artists Today interviews

Check out our Classic Artists Today video, where we talk to many of the Pioneers of Rock and Roll. Visit

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The First Try on the Beatles Rock Band game

I have been and always will be a big fan of the Beatles, and now thanks to the release of the rock band game "The Beatles Rock Band" I not only get to sing their songs but play guitar as well together with my buddies.

I have to admit, it was pretty expensive for a college boy to have something like this in his dorm room. But it really helps a lot in removing stress. Plus it's great music from the Beatles. You could never go wrong with that.… Continue

Added by Shin Midori on September 28, 2009 at 11:00pm — 2 Comments

Magic Fingers

I never saw the movie, but in 1971 I rushed out and bought the double album 200 Motels by Frank Zappa. Why? Because Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan were key fixtures with the Mothers of Invention. Perhaps you know them better as Phlorescent Leech and Eddie respectively. No? Ha ha, okay. Sit back and prepare yourself for a little rock and roll trivia.

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Added by nonamedufus on September 24, 2009 at 3:56am — 5 Comments

That Was Only Yesterday

Formed in 1967 Spooky Tooth was one of the few English blues/prog groups of the time with double keyboards - piano and organ - which played a key role in their distinctive sound. The group disbanded in 1974 after several personnel changes with members going on to play with Mott The Hoople, Humble Pie and Stealers Wheel.

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All Right Now

For my money Paul Rodgers and Queen just aren't a good fit. No one can replace the flamboyant Freddie Mercury. But there was a time I really dug Paul Rodgers and that was the early 70s when he was lead singer of the British blues outfit Free.

When the band formed in 1968 Rodgers, at 18, was the oldest member in the band. Bass player Andy Fraser was all of 15 and had already spent some time playing with John Mayall's Blues… Continue

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Don't Miss The Soft Parade Live in Concert 10/2 @ Showcase Live in Foxboro, MA!

The Soft Parade Showcase Live

Showcase Live and Skyworks Productions proudly present THE SOFT PARADE live in concert Friday, October 2 at…


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Walk Don't Run

They served as an influence to the Beatles, the Beach Boys, Stephen Stills and John Fogerty, among others. When asked to name the most influential rock guitar solo, Joe Walsh said he would have to include the entire song "Walk Don't Run" because it changed so many guitar players' lives.

For more and a video clip , walk don't run to my blog @… Continue

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Don't Touch Me There

In the early 70s a bunch of transplanted musicians from Arizona got together in San Fransisco to form an odd little collective called The Tubes. Their self-titled first album was produced by Al Kooper and contained the absurd anthem White Punks On Dope. The song and the album would set the stage for what was to come.

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Roger McGuinn of The Byrds

We are running our interview with Roger McGuinn, founding member of The Byrds, this week on Classic Artists Today syndicated radio show. For show times and how to tune-in, check us out at

What is your favorite Byrds' album?

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Dirty Water

In the summer of 1966, I was a 14 year-old Yohawk-wannabe wandering the streets of Ottawa with my skateboard in search of the perfect sloped roadway. The other youth "gang" in those days was the Squirrels. We were kinda like Ottawa's answer to Britain's Mods and Rockers - without the violence. One of the coolest songs from our summer of tight faded jeans and suede desert boots was Dirty Water, a shuffling bluesy tune about Boston.

For… Continue

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Experience the breathtaking performances of the band that has become known as THINK PINK FLOYD!!!!!!


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"Beast of Burden" - Rolling Stones

So, this song is my only favourite Rolling Stones song that I can actually listen to. Yeah, I don't really listen to them. (Nor do I want to.)

This is my favourite, though!

I guess I like this song because of the attitude and mellow style of it :) Spunky.

A little information:

A "beast of burden" is a semi-domesticated animal that labors for the benefit of man, such as oxen or horses. -… Continue

Added by Candy O on September 6, 2009 at 5:13am — 1 Comment

Wonderful Tonight

Where does one begin when one tries to highlight Eric Clapton? In the 60s Clapton played with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, The Yardbirds, Cream and Blind Faith. His solo career has carried him through the decades to the present day. I saw him in concert a couple of years ago and the man's still got it, although he was aided by two supporting lead-guitarists, including guitar phenom Derek Trucks.

For more abd a performance of Wonderful… Continue

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Charlie Watts To March to Beat Of Different Drum

It's being reported today that Charlie Watts is packing it in as a Rolling Stone. If true, the departure of the 68 year-old "Wembley Whammer" will leave the remaining Stones shattered.

Watts is the original and only drummer for the Stones and together with original band mate and bass player Bill Wyman contributed to the greatest rhythm section in rock and roll.

For more and a glimpse of Charlie performing visit my blog @… Continue

Added by nonamedufus on September 2, 2009 at 6:54am — 2 Comments

The Day in Rock 9/1

1971 – The Rolling Stones sue manager, Allen Klein, for falsely representing the group with intent to deceive and defraud them. The Stones are looking for $7.5 million.

1973 – Bob Dylan’s “Knockin On Heaven’s Door” is released from the film soundtrack Pat Garret and Billy The Kid.

1976 – Ode Records president, Lou Adler, is kidnapped at gunpoint by two men and a woman, demanding $25,000.00 ransom. The sum is paid and Adler is released eight hours later.

1977 –… Continue

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Green River

John Fogerty, Doug Clifford, and Stu Cook met in high school and formed a bar band called the Blue Velvets. Fogerty's brother Tom joined the band and they signed with Fantasy records as the Golliwogs. Lead singer Tom stepped aside for brother John and the group and it's swamp-rock style began to gain popularity. In 1968, the newly renamed band released it's first album, the self-titled Creedence Clearwater Revival.

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