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“Me, and my mother and father, and grandmother and grandfather were driving through the desert at dawn…” so starts the story of a haunted sounding Jim Morrison as he told of the mystical experience of the soul of a dead Indian leaping into his soul. But did it happen? Oliver Stone illustrated the scene in his opening of his movie The Doors. Morrison’s parents downplayed the significance, chalking it up to Jim’s vivid imagination, but in a discussion with friends Frank Lisciandro and Paul Ferrara during the filming of Morrison’s HWY, Jim himself said it wasn’t a ghost story it was something the held real meaning for him. It was also an important enough incident in his mind to include it in his poetry and The Doors’ song Peace Frog. Doors fans have long wanted to know if the story is true, Doors message boards have run threads on the veracity of the story and a few have tried to track down the accident. Documentary filmmaker Brad Durham tracked down what he believes to be the accident the Morrison family witnessed in the late 40’s and has made the film Dawn’s Highway about Morrison’s experience.....  Read full article at The Doors Examiner



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