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It started with a static electric shock. Patricia Kennealy met Jim Morrison for the first time in the Plaza Hotel in New York for an interview for Jazz & Pop magazine January 25th, 1969. Kennealy who had seen The Doors perform the night before at Madison Square Garden didn’t know what to expect from Morrison, but from that meeting started an on-again, off-again relationship that lasted the rest of Morrison’s life.

Aside from Pam Courson, Kennealy may be the most well known of Morrison’s courtesan’s, and was as drama filled as all the other of Morrison’s relationships with women. Kennealy is most famously known for marrying Morrison in a Celtic pagan hand fasting ceremony whose vows are eternal. The ceremony consisted of Morrison and Kennealy standing inside a circle during which blood is drawn and a few drops are mixed into wine and is drunk by the couple, and then their hands are fasted together with a red cord wound around their hands. Morrison reportedly passed out at the end of the ceremony.

Kennealy also says she became pregnant with Morrison’s child after he pulled out her diaphragm during a sexual encounter. Upon telling Morrison she was pregnant (during his Miami trial) they both decided it would be better for both of them if she aborted the baby.

Morrison’s relationship with Kennealy was contentious. After the pregnancy and abortion Morrison seems to have backed away from the relationship and tried to avoid her. Although Kennealy seemed to get his attention again when she hand delivered a letter (having come from New York) to Morrison at The Doors office and left it impaled on his desk with a dagger. People who knew Morrison at the time says this ended their relationship, but Kennealy claims she spent time with Morrison in early 71 before he left for Paris, and that he wrote her from Paris.

Post Morrison, Kennealy has written sword and sorcery books known as the Keltiad series based on her knowledge of Celtic myth and magic. She was a consultant on Oliver Stone’s The Doors movie, and wrote her own memoir of her relationship with Morrison in 1992’s “Strange Days.” In the 90’s Kennealy started publishing her books under the name Patricia Kennealy-Morrison and now publishes under the name Patricia Morrison. Her latest books are mysteries with a rock ‘n’ roll theme “Ungrateful Dead,” and “California Screamin’.” Kennealy has also said that she’d publish Morrison’s letters to her under the title “Fireheart” and she did make public a couple letters that are widely disputed as being Morrison’s, and she may have abandoned this project as references to it seem to have disappeared from her online bios.


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Comment by Jim Cherry on January 26, 2012 at 9:44am

Thanks Rich!


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Comment by Rich Page on January 26, 2012 at 8:54am

Great post, and great interview! Very interesting lady indeed...

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