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At 3:52pm on October 14, 2011,
Expert Rocker
B.C Woman
wow great taste in music...and love your jim portrait!
At 11:34am on July 26, 2009, Cult of Ecstasy said…
oh btw is that your painting of Morrison? I like it
At 11:33am on July 26, 2009, Cult of Ecstasy said…
ku ku katchu fellow cake(Canadian), lyk you Gnosis are living in the paradise of Canada, I envy you. nice page btw. so lyk did Joplin and Hendrix perform this song together on this recording? I have seen a photo or two of them sharing a moment.
At 12:26pm on September 5, 2008, luvnrokits said…
Nice call B, wonderfully obscure reference to compare Clinton and Neil, I've had the chance to interview them both and thinking back it's as wacked as when Elvis went to meet Nixon at the Whitehouse all messed up n toting a big ole .45 magnum as a present for the Prez. Gotta love it. Be in touch.
At 11:27am on September 4, 2008, J. said…
Wow man. Really like the art.
At 11:01pm on September 3, 2008, OMGaCulturalTrend said…
McCain is the best we could have hoped for from the republican side, so even to begin with I am not terribly divided with the choice. Obama is the man for me. I am not fond of Ms. Palin. She is a self-defeatist. She even opposes equal wages for working women.. wtf? Makes very little sense.. She's just ridiculous. But then I think any conservative is ridiculous. I think that even though McCain is pantering to conservatives right now, if he is elected he will drift right back to the center so I'm really not too afraid of Obama losing, although I highly doubt that's how it will be.
At 3:12pm on September 3, 2008, luvnrokits said…
looks like you too have very, very good taste, my very first friend! I mean, like the Airplane, Dylan and even the ole Ozzmiester. I've interviewed them all and they were a blast. Too bad you didn't mention Neil Young, I would have been too enchanted lol. Thanks for everything n b in touch.
At 2:53pm on September 3, 2008, Mary said…
ya i love the doors
At 9:19pm on September 2, 2008, luvnrokits said…
very cool, thanks for making me feel right at home cause this is sure where I belong. b in touch
At 8:35pm on September 2, 2008, OMGaCulturalTrend said…
hahaha holy crap, the american empire/swift demise.. Nice. Lol you do know I live in Kansas, right? It's the third most conservative stronghold state in the US.
But I'm a damn proud liberal! hehehe
So yea.. If McCain gets elected.. well, the threat is definitely there haha
At 8:33pm on September 2, 2008, OMGaCulturalTrend said…
Oh yea, your art is fantastic.
At 8:09pm on September 2, 2008, OMGaCulturalTrend said…
Haha, and I totally empathize with yours. We should have been born in 1950 or something. You seem pretty articulate for your age and have an amazing taste considering the same. I'm raised my little brothers (12 and 16) to be among our meager ranks as well!
At 3:47pm on September 2, 2008,
network founder!
Rich Page
Welcome to the network! Thanks for all the messages and forums you have replied to! I need more of people like you on here - can you help me recommend this site to your friends? peace... and keep up the great work so far :)
At 3:09pm on September 2, 2008,
Expert Rocker
good taste your own self :)

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