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Led Zeppelin - Live at Knebworth 1979 Part 1 (full concert)

Part one of an epic led zeppelin show in 1979 at knebworth.

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Comment by Jimmy Rios on September 28, 2011 at 7:17am
Yeah!...LED ZEPPELIN @Knebworth 1979...This is a Great show,I've got this one on VHS but my copy is a bit grainy.I've also got their SEATTLE 1977 show on DVD as well as other footage from 8mm clips to some other stuff from TV that I collected over the years on VHS tapes.
Comment by Timothy Omeara on September 2, 2011 at 11:31pm
" Ok,I'm gonna give a what I saw point of veiw.First I would like to thank you for showing this,I have always had pieces of this show on VHS or Live DVD'S.I don't think they got it together till ' Misty Mountain Hop".They sounded ragged,and Plant could'nt hit a note all night.But I remember them at this time.When " Presense " came out.And we had tickets to this tour but it was'nt till it hit the States.It was in Philly..Bonham died along the way..But all and all,I really did enjoy it..Once the technical shit and the nervous mistakes of the first few songs was past they kicked in.They really are a three piece band with a singer.I got to give it to Page because he pulled the bulk of the Zeppelin image and instrumentation.But he was ragged here..They looked tired and played tired.Their were some remakable moments,but I seen them in thier prime..And this was a clear example of a band at its end.And by the way..I know this was the " In through the outdoor tour.Anyways it was a pleasure to hear the old boys again..I like this site..Looking at this Hendrix one next..Have a great Labor day weekend all."

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