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For those of you who are interested, the following link will take you to a web-site where you can sign a petion for Zeppelin to do a reunion after Plant is done touring with Allison Krause this summer. Get involved...if we can get it over 100,000 then that's saying something (not that millions don't want to see them).

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Wow, great find! I am definitely going to sign that petition!
You've got my signature!
i would like to see led zep get back together for a reunion Robert Plant.

Sorry to sound like a sourpuss, but Led Zeppelin finished in 1980.

I have to agree with you Joe.  I love what Robert Plant has been doing with The Sensational Space Shifters. 

I saw Robert Plant with The Band of Joy in Liverpool (2010) and unfortunately I was not impressed. Maybe I am getting old.

Sorry to hear that.  I do think he sounds better with the new band.. 


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