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Hi all! I thought it would be great to put together a list of great classic rock tribue bands, and where they are located, so we can all check out a glimpse of great classic rock bands relived!

Feel free to post below to add more to this list... lets make this a great guide for classic rock tribute band fans all across the world!

Led Zeppelin Tribute Bands
- Dazed and Confused, San Diego Based
- Zepperalla, San Francisco Based
- Led Zepagain, So Cal Based
- Lez Zeppelin, New York Based
- Zoso, California Based
- Hats Off to Led Zeppelin - England Based

Doors Tribute Bands
- Wild Child, Los Angeles Based
- Soft Parade, New York Based
- Peace Frog, Los Angeles Based
- Mojo Risin, Mid-West Based

Rolling Stones Tribute Bands
- Jumping Jack Flash, San Diego Based
- Hollywood Stones, Los Angeles Based
- Satisfaction, National USA
- Blushing Brides, New York Based

Beatles Tribute Bands
- Conferfeit Beatles, Uniited Kingdom Based
- Silver Beatles Band, So Cal Based
- American English, Chicago Based
- Rain, National USA
- The Fab Four, California Based

Pink Floyd Tribute Bands
- Wish You Were Here, Cleveland Based
- Bricks in the Wall, Dallas Based
- Pink Froyd, San Diego Based
- The Machine, New York Based

To add your favorite band to this list, simply comment below and I will add them to the list... and feel free to comment and add reviews of classic rock tribute bands too!

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Beatles - The Fab Four
The Rolling Stones - The Blushing Brides - Not sure where they are from, but I do know the members are from all parts of the globe. Best Cover Band that I have ever seen.From the sound, right down to the look. I haven't seen them in 10+ years. I just did a Google on them, and yes they are still around! Not sure if it is the same members from back in the day, but Maurice "Mick" is the same guy I remember. Peace RJ
The Australian Pink Floyd Show is a touring pink floyd tribute band that has to be seen to be believed... they had all of the special effects ..some the stuff I think is original floyd and if you close your eyes you really almost can't tell them apart. they are absolutely incredible check 'em out I think they are now based out of england. They are without a DOUBT the best cover band EVER!!!! And that my friend is no exageration..really!!!
We have a Led Zepplin Tribute band in Omaha, Ne by the name of Song Remains the Same. I have seen them twice now. They are pretty good.
Experience the breathtaking performances of the band that has become known as THINK PINK FLOYD!!!!!!

All you touch and all you SEE is all your life will ever be!

SEPT 2 (all ages welcome) free show
LANGHORNE PARK - 100 W Maple Ave, Langhorne, PA 19047 (across st. from langhorne hotel)
6 PM EST till 9 PM

A live tribute to Pink Floyd from the Meddle album to the Division Bell era,
(and everything in between)
THINK PINK FLOYD is the most popular Pink Floyd tribute show,
authentic recreation of PINK FLOYD.
we r a phila pa band
i hope you notice all the pride and hard work we put into the band
we love PINK FLOYD and i hope that it shows
People we get out to our events are
true Pink Floyd fans from the area and beyond.
THINK PINK FLOYD performs the favorites that all pink Floyd fans recognize.
ty again billy from Think Pink Floyd
Well I will have to check you guys you get out to the West Coast at all???
Sorry, I guess I worded it wrong. I meant was we, as in Omaha, have a Led Zep tribute band. I have seen them several times here in Omaha, Ne. I am not sure if they play outside of Nebraska. They do have a myspace page if you want to check it out. They are "Song Remains the Same band".
I'm not sure if they're a tribute band or just a cover band, but I was blown away at their rendition of some Led Zep songs. They're Michael Libow's Rod Lightning and the Thunderbolts of Love. They mostly do Led Zep covers and I honestly believe they're pretty good at paying tribute to Zep. Worth a try.
Please add the below bands to your list. Thanks!

Eric Clapton Tribute Band:
Showhand Graffiti, Boston Based

Allman Brothers Tribute Band:
The Peacheaters, Boston Based

These are top-notch tributes. Catch them together live in concert at Showcase Live in Foxboro, MA on 12/19/09. Tickets go on sale soon!
There's lots of Dead tribute bands in the US and all around the world.
We love our Crazy Fingers in Florida!
I saw the Australian Pink Floyd show a couple months ago.

Amazing stuff.


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