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What has been the best double album ever?
The Wall? Electric Ladyland? Exile On Main St? Physical Graffiti? The White Album?

Vote for your favourite double album.

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The White Album! I like all the others mentioned but TWA was the first and best to me.

I agree the White Album...then Yoko Ono's greatest hits..or was that a three record set???

Im gonna have to go with Kiss alive for me as well as Framton comes alive. 2 awesome records. and yes pink Floyd the wall great lp.

I am a huge Floyd fan and I saw them perform The Wall at Earls Court in 1980. It is a great album but for me the final 10 minutes lets it down. In the old vinyl days I found myself taking it off the turntable after 'Run Like Hell'. Over the last few years when playing the CD in the car I have forced myself continually to listen to the bitter end but I still haven't changed my mind. This is Roger Waters in his most pompous guise, getting completely carried away with himself, while at the same time showing a gift for musical theatre. Sorry for the rant - but for this reason I couldn't put it at the top and I would go for The White Album. 

Physical Graffiti

Here's my no particular order

#1-White Album-Beatles

#2-Freak Out-Franz Zappa/Mothers

#3-Physical Graffiti-Led Zeppelin

#4-Lamb Lies Down on Broadway-Genesis

#5-Quadrophenia-The Who

#6-London Calling-The Clash

#7-All Things Must Pass-George Harrison (Triple album, but the 3rd album doesn't count)

#8-Eat A Peach-Allman Brothers

#9-Derek & The Dominoes-Layla...

#10-Tommy-The Who

My choices for the Best double Albums ever are 1)  Wheels of Fire- Cream  2)  Exile on Main Street-  Rolling Stones  3)  Tommy-  The Who  4)  All Things Must Pass- George Harrison  5)  Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs-  Derek and the Dominoes

K - just saw this and I'm gonna go with Pink Floyd - The Wall  :) 

The Wall by Pink Floyd is definitely in my top 10 list!

I have to agree Karlee!!! The Wall was the most Epic!!!!(even though the White Album Kicked too)

I agree!  Everything from Pink Floyd is awesome!

:)  Physical Grafitti & Electric Ladyland great choices and right up there with the wall ;)

not a white album fan 


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