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Hi guys - so I am really looking for your help! This site really has huge potential and it gets loads of great feedback. However, it doesn't grow very quickly in terms of new member joining and getting more traffic. Therefore, I would love it if you could please help brainstorm and come up with ideas to generate more traffic/new members. Here are some of the areas to brainstorm to help us get started....

  • Possible websites/forums to advertise on or get mentioned on (previously tried and classic rock magazine, but both are very expensive)
  • How to get featured by local press
  • How to get mentioned by classic rock bands/radio stations
  • How to get great new content mentioned by other websites
  • How to run contents/sweepstakes to raise awareness on other sites
  • How to use social media to increase traffic/new visitors (currently use both Facebook fan page and Twitter profile, but to limited success)
  • How to increase search engine rankings/paid search efforts (if anyone knows of cheap SEO help in particular)

These are just a few ideas to help us get started... I would really appreciate your ideas and help to grow this site even more! We are nearly at 3,000 members, but it has taken many years to get to this. There really is no reason why this site can't be 5-10K members over the next few years - there is a HUGE audience of classic rock fans out there on the web!

I look forward to hearing your suggestions... thanks so much in advance!

Keep on rockin'

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Hey Bro!!

go to its a set of Free SEO tools..worked well for me over the years promoting Radio Stations...and as far as other sources, hit me up in PM and I will send You a list of Music Oriented social media pages that we can use well!!

And that other thing....we will let that be a Big Surprise to everyone!!!WOOOOT


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