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I am in the sticks in Georgia, on the Florida border, and the classic rock station I get is out of Jacksonville, FL. Jax is no small city, in size or population, but the radio really stinks. They seem to play the same 200-250 songs over and over again. They do not vary at all ! Some examples? You will hear Sumpertramps' "The Logical Song", or "Dreamer", but never hear "Even in the Quietest Moments", or "Hide in Your Shell". The Allman Brothers, you will hear "Ramblin' Man" but not "Dreams". Black Sabbath, you will hear "Iron Man", but not "Electric Funeral". The Kinks, you will hear "Lola", but not "Where Have All the Good Times Gone?". These are not exactly b sides or deep tracks. I rarely tune in to them when I am in my car. Is your local classic rock station like this?

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Welcome to the modern classic rock radio station :) I bet most other classic rock stations are like that, apart from a few exceptions like KLOS in LA...

I think the classic rock station here in central part of ny state is about the same.  A lot of the same songs played  over and over again.  One of our CRN members here has commercial free classic rock station you can listen to on your computer or mobil phone. You will hear a lot of tunes that never get played.

I grew up In NY state, Buffalo to be exact. 96.9 (97 rock) was, and still is a good station. Maybe it's because I am in the south now, I don't know. I know there is a lot of country stations here. I went to school in central, NY, in Utica.

wow, yeah it could be the location. I used to live in the south also. I moved there from California and it was a huge culture shock. I didn't last long in the south.. I have heard it has gotten better ...

Peeps, I live in Germany, and would kill for ANY classic rock in FM radio...but when I was home last month(ohio) my old faithfull stations were still playin good music...try Rock105 WKLC or WAMX..both in Wva area!!!

thx - gonna bookmark them.. :)

Yeah they all have play lists and very rarely will they stray away from them. Our local has a call in request lunch show that provides some rarely heard stuff but even then people will ask for the same ole...

not that I don't like most of the same ole...


I have even noticed that on the all request shows. I would be yelling at my radio when someone called and said' "Hey man, can you play The Joker by Steve Miller?" . Only ONCE in my life have I heard "You're cash ain't nothing but Trash" by Steve Miller on the radio, but yeah, play the ^@$#%@$@ Joker again. 

haha - Some people are happy hearing the same bands and the same songs over and over again.  I did that when I was in high school and I think some people haven't moved on  ;)

hehe - just heard this and had to post.. :) :) kill the dj

In theory, these Classic rock stations are a great idea but in practice, they are terrible. I now am nearly to the point where I hate my favorite songs. Being disabled and usually stuck at home, I often listen to music and the idea of a classic rock channel was truly a joy. Now I hear the same songs over and over and over. Enough already. I never thought I would say this but play some Electric Prunes or Captain Beefheart please. Anything different would suit me. I need renewed and my ears need a break.

It's probably even worse up here. I'm on Long Island, and it's the same here, only the local station here doesn't even bother playing The Allman Brothers, The Kinks or Supertramp. Instead, they are obsessed with playing things like the same 2 Bon Jovi songs every day at the same time. No offense to any Bon Jovi fans here, it's just not my thing, and I think most classic rock fans probably agree. And here, it's more like 100-150 songs over and over again, if that. And if they do play a Black Sabbath song, it is always Paranoid. And if it's Zeppelin, it's going to be Rock And Roll, Blue Oyster Cult, Burnin For You, etc, etc. That's why I don't listen to the radio in the car either. The very short lived days of true free form aor radio are unfortunately long dead, never to be revived again, at least in the terrestrial form. The truly amazing thing is that these so-called "classic rock" stations actually survive at all given that ratings and listenership are of such importance. Are there really enough people out there who don't mind hearing the same old tired songs over and over again? Anybody have any thoughts on this?


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