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I am in the sticks in Georgia, on the Florida border, and the classic rock station I get is out of Jacksonville, FL. Jax is no small city, in size or population, but the radio really stinks. They seem to play the same 200-250 songs over and over again. They do not vary at all ! Some examples? You will hear Sumpertramps' "The Logical Song", or "Dreamer", but never hear "Even in the Quietest Moments", or "Hide in Your Shell". The Allman Brothers, you will hear "Ramblin' Man" but not "Dreams". Black Sabbath, you will hear "Iron Man", but not "Electric Funeral". The Kinks, you will hear "Lola", but not "Where Have All the Good Times Gone?". These are not exactly b sides or deep tracks. I rarely tune in to them when I am in my car. Is your local classic rock station like this?

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I agree with ya Russ. I think that people into classic rock, and music period, like us, are in the minority. They play only the songs that people can sing along to, and are very familiar with. I even hear that in some commercials..."Playing the music you can sing along to." The sheep that want to listen to The Joker every day, and Livin' on a Prayer, they are the masses for these stations. They are also the ones who would hear St. Alphonso's Pancake Breakfast, and look around the room and ask, "What the hell is this crap?" They play the easy sing-a-longs  for the ding-a-lings, and the ding-a-lings make up the bulk of their listener-ship.

Very sad but very true. There really are so few real music fans left. I've heard that commercial too, and probably had the same sickening feeling that you did.

You are lucky, there are none in the Liverpool area. There is one so called Rock FM station on air, but unfortunately they consider Sister Sledge etc rock music, WTF!!!!. Therefore I don't listen to them, apart from that there is nothing, the local radio stations Radio City 96.7 and Radio Merseyside 95.8, woldn't know a rock record if it bit them on the a*se. Good job I have a large collection to keep me going.

That is a crime against humanity that Liverpool is like that ! What would classic rock rock be without the incredible contribution of the Brits? So sorry to hear that.  I just tune in to Tad :)

Your Welcome.. You also have a happy rockin week :)


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