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So what was the first 45(single) you ever bought! Then just for fun what format was it, though we could probably tell just by what song it is!


Mine was "Proud Mary" though I asked for "Rolling on The River"!

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My Ding-a-Ling by Chuck Berry. I had gone into the shop to but Gudbye'T Jane by Slade but that had sold out and I didn't want to leave empty handed.

Two great ones. Big fan of Slade back in the day.Sad the radio only plays the covers of them and not the real stuff.

Would have been 1965 - 'It Isn't There' by a band called The Swinging Blue Jeans - obviously vinyl! (I reckon I must have been influenced by my older brother, as I can't really say I was a fan). Not sure if they had any success outside the UK, but they charted a few times over here between 1963 and '65. The truth is I was never a great collector of singles. I started buying albums in the late '60s and I used to borrow singles off other people and put together compilations on tapes.

Gotta say i've never heard of those guys! I bought only 45s early on just because it was easier to scrape together enough money to buy those. But once I made the switch to LPs i almost never bought them anymore.

oh, this is embarassing. As a child of the darkages, aka the 80s, my first was Mr. Roboto by Styx.

Well i was a grown up during the darkages apparently-lol. Not one of my faves BUT I do remember now one of my first 45s was by The Banana Splits! I think they were mail order off the back of some cereal box! And as I remember they actually rocked pretty good. I wondered if anyone famous was on those records? 

I actually bought Gimmie Dat Ding by the Pipkins circa 1970..some interesting facts about that song:

Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood wrote this song. Some other hit songs they wrote include "The Air That I Breathe," "Free Electric Band" and "It Never Rains In Southern California," which was a hit for Hammond.
Hammond and Hazlewood wrote this for the children's television show Oliver And The Overlord. Later, it the became background tune used on The Benny Hill show.
The Pipkins were not a real group - the song was recorded by producer Roger Greenaway and session singer Tony Burrows. For live appearances, The Pipkins were Davey Sands and Len Marshall.



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