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 50 years ago today The Beatles appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show. So to take a look back on The Beatles lets start with our very first record or for the younger in the crowd maybe it was an 8-Track or cassette or even a CD! So let us know what you got first and what format it was!

 Mine was the 45 single I Want To Hold Your Hand/I Saw Her Standing There! I got it from a kid up the street who had an older sister to whom the record originally belonged. She got caught up in the burn Beatle records movement, but she wasn't allowed to start a fire so her and her buddies just busted them up and broke them. I went through the rubble and found one record still intact but badly scratched and marred. IT STILL PLAYED! Yes it still played and I thought this meant that Beatles records were just made of a very high quality vinyl!

 So what was yours, do you have a story?


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Here is a tragic tale.  Some background:  I lived in Germany between 1960 and 1963.  We could go down to the german stores and buy records for 2 Marks (about 50 cents then).  I bought a single (45rpm) called Cry for A Shadow.  It was an instrumental cut.The B side was with someone named Tony sheridan and as I recall, was called My Bonnie.  I kept it in the original wrapper for years.  The photo was of them with Sheridan and was so old they had their ducktail haircuts.   (Remember they were in Hamburg during these years.)  Anyway, I went off to college.  Came home and discovered my parents had gone on a cleaning splurge and THROWN it out!  Breaks my heart every time I remember it.   The only time I've ever seen it since is in one of their boxed sets.

Great story Ed, there are so many things lost over time some I remember as you do. Then there are things I have no clue what became of them. I think that's one thing that makes Classic Rock so special to so many of us, it's like the soundtrack to our memories.

You're right but...that doesn't make the gone record any easier to live with!  I have four crates of vinyl LP still boxed up.  I really should open then up one of these days.  Funny but when I talk to my kids about what they get when I go, my daughter says she doesn't care about anything except she's getting the records. 

Yeah I feel you Ed, I've got a large volume of LPs myself and a turntable sadly collecting dust.

My son once asked me how my albums worked.

Does it mean we're getting old????

I tell the wife constantly:  If it's too loud, you're too old!!!

I still play my music loud, but I'm probably half deaf after 40 years of Led Zeppelin. To the point where it's much louder than I realize!

My wife will be glad to know I'm not the only one.  But my line to her is "I'm can hear fine.  You're just mumbling"  She doesn't buy that either.

I think my first Beatles record was Sgt Peppers. I was about 14, and my English teacher asked if he could borrow it. When he returned the album it was scratched! Couldn't believe it - I had scraped my pocket money together to buy it. I think I must have been mentally scarred by this incident as I am still banging on about it 46 years later.

I finally resorted to refusing to let people borrow albums and I kept them under lock and key in college.  People don't get it.  Things were less expensive then but we still had to save to get an album a week.  They wouldn't borrow your car and scratch it. Well, maybe some of them would!

You know it's kinda strange but it seems to me that CDs and Tapes and especially digital files of music all seem to be replaceable BUT LPs NEVER were! Once you bought an album you treasured it and babied it and cared for it. I have several distinct memories of things that happen to certain LPs. How they got scratched, who borrowed them, god forbid if they got warped! I had a dog chew up my Skynyrd "Flame Cover" Street Survivors!


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