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I would say there is no doubt that the quality of the albums was far superior when Roger was in the band, but it is not so straight forward when considering the gigs. I am able to make a comparison as I saw The Wall at Earls Court in 1980 and The Division Bell gig, again at Earls Court, in 1994. By 1980 Roger's stranglehold on the band was almost complete. While it was exciting to be at one of the few live performances Pink Floyd ever did of 'The Wall', that was all you saw. There were no renditions of previous classics, and at the end of the night the fans' demands for an encore fell on deaf ears (Roger didn't believe in encores). When Roger left, and Dave Gilmour took the reins, things changed.  He completely understood and respected what the fans wanted, and gave it to them! The 1994 gig was far superior in my opinion. The first half was a few tracks from the post Waters albums along with classics from 'The Wall' , 'Wish You Were Here', and even 'Meddle'. The second half was a complete rendition of DSOTM. This was all followed by a well thought-out and long lasting encore. I know things were different in the early 70s, when The Floyd used to 'trial' compositions on the road before putting an album together. Was anyone at any of those gigs? 

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i wish I was at one of those gigs.. Sorry, Never saw them live... Waters and Gilmour so different. I have heard from people in the business Waters was an asshole. 


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