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So I have a kinda weird situation here on CRN. I was sending a friend request to a new member when I was notified that I have 100 outstanding friend requests. Now I will be the first to admit I don't really know the significance of being friends, I usually try to do as a means of welcoming new members. So it's embarrassing to admit I didn't even know I had so many outstanding requests.
 Anyway I am thinking if you are one of they last 100 or so members here you have a request from me. If you don't prefer to be friends that's fine, but I bet many of you don't even know the request is there. If you look at the top right of your page you should see friend requests. If you don't I must have missed your joining. Welcome! If  you didn't you may send one to me and I will accept it gladly. After some period of time I guess I will start deleting my oldest requests so I can resume sending requests to newer members. Thanks to all and keep rockin'- Barry

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Hey Barry! Yes, I think many members don't notice the friend requests. Better to just write them a message on their wall for them to check their friend requests and accept yours :) I would delete your older ones, and start afresh :) Thanks!

lol , You are more popular than I am.. I haven't gotten any friend requests in a while..  Maybe I need some sort of costume to attract attention to my profile :) Nice Post Barry 

To be honest...I'm not sure how to do a friend request to anyone!   I also don't know if I've ever gotten one either...


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