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Giveaway: Win a Copy of Roger Hodgson's (Supertramp's Co-founder and Former Lead Singer) Classics Live Album

In celebration of his upcoming 'Breakfast in America Tour', we are excited to have 5 copies of Roger Hodgson's 'Classics Live' CD to giveaway to our members, which includes great Supertramp hits written by Roger like The Logical Song and Breakfast in America.

All you have to do to enter for a chance to win one of these 5 CDs is to leave a comment below with your favorite Roger Hodgson written song. Simple as that!

The 5 winners will be picked at random in 7 days time - be sure to comment by midnight on 13th June to stand a chance of winning.

Good luck, and below is a clip of him singing in 2010 to get you in the mood!

To learn more about Roger or for more info about his upcoming tour visit: or

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Give a Little Bit and Even in the Quietest Moments. My wife and I both absolutely love Roger's music! His live show is amazing!

Take The Long Way Home gives me goosebumps, especially when it is played live :)

It's nearly an impossible task to pick just one favorite song. I'll stick with the classic and amazing Breakfast in America.

School is my favorite song .... transe ;)

It's very hard to pick just one music...but my favorite is Even In The Quietest Moments ;)

Hard to pick just one of his but I would say my favorite song written by Roger is LORD IS IT MINE.  I've seen him play this live a couple of years ago.  You can see and feel such emotion when he sings this.  

How to pick a favorite song of Roger's.....!!!  Well, it's gotta be Give A Little Bit because it lifts me up so high I feel I could fly!  Roger is a special soul---so clear and deep.  A story: Many years ago I saw a beautiful guitar in a music store in my town and I fell in love with it.  It was more money than I had and I asked the shopkeeper if I could make payments. He checked with the owner---yup, it was Roger (who happened to be an acquaintance of mine--I was close friends with his sister), and he agreed.  That began a sweet friendship with both Roger and that amazing hand-made guitar.  After completing many months of $50 payments, I received a note from Roger thanking me for my regular payments....Thanking me?!  Meanwhile I'm the one so grateful to him for letting me make payments!  Sadly that guitar was splintered in a severe car wreck, and in the process of trying to replace it (it's unreplaceable) I discovered that it was worth a whole lot more than what I paid.  Roger is a beautiful and generous man with a huge heart.  Thank you for being a channel of uplifting music and vibrations to the planet, Roger!

Too difficult to go with a single song; favorites include (but not limited to) Dreamer and The Logical Song, Give a Little Bit and Take the Long Way Home.

Fool's Overture the depth is amazing  He is such a gifted and authentic person and writer .. Gonna see him in vancouver in Aug!

Congratulations to the winners:

Sal Pichireddu
Elizabeth Barrett Johnson
Ted Luce
Jeff Gralish

I have notified all you all. Congratulations!

Mhhh... Your message arrived, I've answered right away, still nothing has arrived :-(

To all the winners, I'm chasing up why the Roger Hodgson folks haven't sent your CDs yet. Very strange!


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