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I know rock fans all over the country have had their favorite places to go to see and hear their favorite bands from that great era.  If you have a favorite venue, list it and talk up some of the great bands you've experienced.  I'm not far from New Orleans, as such we've had the great experience of The Warehouse on Tchoupitoulas Street.  A website you all might be interested in is   This era of great New Orleans style rocknrollin is almost without equal and the website will give you a great front row seat to what we experienced in the Deep South in one of the truly great venues for rocknroll.  Plenty of pictures, videos and archival records that classic rockers fans will really get into.  Have fun!  And please, mention your favorite venues from back in the day!!

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Amstell, sound like the midwest definitely rocked!  A few other venues that lit up between New Orleans and Baton Rouge were the N.O. Municipal Audiorium and in Baton Rouge...the Riverside Centroplex (the River Center today) and the PMAC at LSU....that was my first...Feb. 28, 1975....Led Zeppelin!!  Imagine an 18yr old less than 20 feet from Jimmy it was yesterday!

I enjoy Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. The acoustics there are fantastic and it sets in a rural area. I started going there in the early 70's and I still love it.

Errm, hang on! The Royal Albert Hall in London is THE place for Rock. I've seen Cream, Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, Paul Rodgers, Jimmy Page, Bad Company, The Who, Deep Purple, Rod Stewart, Tony Iomi, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Joe Bonamassa, Robert Plant, Elton John, Buddy Guy, The Kinks, Santana, Gary Moore ........ I could go on & on. Oh, did I mention Ten Years After, Rod Stewart, Dave Gilmour, Roger Waters?

Amen Brian, I think the rock world is totally aware of the Royal Albert Hall.  Remember, your 70's decade was mostly ours here stateside too...  lol!   I have a bunch of great performances from my favorite bands (many that you've mentioned) that were filmed at the Hall!  I'm just glad they toured here and gave us all in the states the chance to see them at our favorite music auditoriums and football stadiums...


Molson Canadian Amphitheatre in Toronto, Ontario is a great venue for summer concerts.  It's right on Lake Ontario, but, does have a roof over most of the seats, in case it rains.

Concerts we have been to there include Rod Stewart (2 or 3 times), The Moody Blues, Scorpions w. Cinderella, Santana w. Steve Winwood, Def Leppard w. Heart

For a smaller venue, Hamilton Place is very comfortable and the parking SO much cheaper than in Toronto.  Also, much less traffic.  We just saw Deep Purple there, (Feb. 13) and The Tea Party (Dec. 2011).

For a small intimate setting you can't beat the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. Saw Bob Dylan there back in 07. Great show.

The Moody Blues are playing the Ryman on March 21. :-)

The State Theater in MPLS. Saw Jeff Beck there and will be going to see BB King there in May.


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