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Hi all! I figured it's about time I changed the background of And I thought this is a great opportunity to get you all involved to help design/pick it!

Got a great idea for a classic rock related background to suggest and use? Simply add a comment to this discussion and either attach the background image (click the 'photo' button in the reply text editor box), or just include a URL for where we can see the image.


  • The image will be tiled across the background (like the current background image), so it should be between 300 and 600 pixels height and width ideally.
  • A collage of multiple classic rock imagery would be cool, or just one amazing picture (like the current background image).
  • If you are great with design, get creative and make your own :)

I'm looking forward to seeing your suggestions and I will pick a winner from them... thanks!

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I have a couple of ideas, even though I love the one You have now!LOL 

will be in touch about it soon!


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