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Hi there! We thrive on feedback and suggestions to help improve Classic Rockers Network for you and everyone else. Therefore, we would love to hear your thoughts!

In particular, what would make you use Classic Rockers Network more often? Is there anything on it that is lacking? Or is there is a particular new feature or idea that you would like added? Maybe a wish list of new features? Or if you could only change one thing, what would it be? Just some ideas to help you help us...

Please post your ideas and suggestions below. We appreciate it!

Keep on rockin'

Rich Page, founder of Classic Rockers Network

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Thanks for making the site Rich. If I can be of any help to you in the future let me know. Rock on!

Edit: Do you think anyone here would be interested in a group dedicated to bootlegs? I've collected many boots over the years, mostly Beatles, but I've got plenty of other group bootlegs. It's one of my passions.
Great idea... we launched this earlier in the year... check it out:
Haha, maybe its just me and my art, But I think it would be kick ass if we had some kind of art posting forum.
dear Rich:

I appreciate the fact that you have created this classic rock network. I wish more people would feel free to add comments about any classic rock group that they loved such as Steely Dan, Janis Joplin, Donovan and the list goes on. I have studied extensively many different classic rock groups as well as individuals. It's one of my favorite passions. This is why I joined your group because I love rock and roll.

Many blessings for you this holiday season.

Kind regards,
Cherokee Billie
The ability to create groups - of course all founded on Classic Rock - Like johnlennon posted - bootlegs, musicians, artists,

Great site Rich!
Thats a great point - what would you expect to see in this proposed bootlegs group? Some more details would be great before I go ahead and start building it :) Is bootleg a good word for it? Or is there another group that covers a broader topic?
Rich - you've done a great job so far. I've only scratched the surface of your site when I've had a minute to scour.........At this point, I think it's just a matter of gaining more members who care enough to spend time here and participate. It would be interesting to see data so far as to how many people are visiting, how often, who's posting/responding. That's privileged, I know, but I've thought about it. Hey, what about "merch"? You know, shirts, coffee mugs, bumper stickers? Get the web address in LA Weekly.....
I'm waiting for the annual convention!!! : )
Some suggestions-

* Probably set up a date and time when we can have a chatroom event up and we can talk about various topics and play games?

* How about a group for classic rocker people who play their own instruments and sing their own songs? :) That'd be cool.

* Since you do contests for inviting people, how about weekly/monthly $5 Amazon Gift Cards for best music review blog posts ? :)
Wow - great ideas! I like them all - espeically the 1st and 3rd one.

Hey Rich!  I think this site is really cool!, I'm still pretty new but I'm quickly getting the hang of things.

Just a couple of niggly things - 

I have JUST noticed the chat bar at the base of the page!  I'm wondering if it could be made a different colour to differentiate it from the scroll bar, and is there any way of displaying a 'mini page' when you're customising to let you see instantly what your page will look like with your selected changes? \m/

Yeah thats always the problem with social networks. Many people join, but only a small percentage actually only regularly participate. If I deleted anyone that hadn't contributed, we would lose 70% of our members, then no one would join because they would think that hardly anyone is a member of the site. the key is getting more engaged members to join up, which so far has been tough....

I just recently joined and enjoy your site very much!  Thanks for starting it, Rich. There was a site I used to belong to that sent emails to all members who hadn't posted anything in 90 days.  It said, if they didn't post something, then they would be deleted.  Seems a little harsh, I know, but, it's one way to weed out the non-contributors.  Another site I belong to, (one of several), also sends emails, but, it's much friendlier;  along the lines of  "we haven't seen you in awhile and we miss you".  That might be worth a try and it (hopefully) wouldn't alienate anyone.  Also, you DO have to keep in mind that people have lives away from the computer and sometimes get too busy.  I have recommended this site to friends on Facebook and will continue to do so.  



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