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Hi there! We thrive on feedback and suggestions to help improve Classic Rockers Network for you and everyone else. Therefore, we would love to hear your thoughts!

In particular, what would make you use Classic Rockers Network more often? Is there anything on it that is lacking? Or is there is a particular new feature or idea that you would like added? Maybe a wish list of new features? Or if you could only change one thing, what would it be? Just some ideas to help you help us...

Please post your ideas and suggestions below. We appreciate it!

Keep on rockin'

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yeah - That is what I thought. Latest video and photo section is great. Also, thinking some people don't know how to post videos, pics, etc. Maybe not understanding all the options here in the message box. Not everyone is computer literate and I know some people are intimidated when they try things and not successful. I am sure everyone here that is posting on a regular basis would be glad to help. Hope everyone feels free to ask for help if they need it.. Just send a pm and I will help if i can.. 

Yeah I agree with your points but I guess my main point is that there might need to be 2 separate pages. One for first time visitors and another for current members. I have a shortcut to my profile page so I go straight there first. Then when I go to home page it just seams to be too cluttered and I just wondered if there was too much on home page and it might be overwhelming to newer members. If there were less content and other content like videos, pictures etc. might could be bigger. I don't know anything bout no Ning! So won't begin to try to tell you what you can or can't do! lol! Just thinking out loud.

Rich what if you considered allowing posts to post immediately without having to have approval? This seems to be an ebb and flow situation. I know you can't devote all your time to CRN, so wouldn't it be easier to delete offending posts as they surface. I mean I don't know what percentage of postings you reject but I am willing to guess it's not that many. My concern is that it may discourage some from contributing if they don't see their postings appear in a timely manner.

  Of course I am assuming you can make those changes?

Hey Barry - sure. Let's give it a shot. I just changed it to not require moderation. I was always hesitant to in the past due to spammers that used to come on the site occasionally. Hope this helps!

Cool deal, I didn't really think about spammers. If it becomes an issue then by all means change it back.


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