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Hey all - I just started this forum topic so that everyone on here can introduce themselves, and tell the world all about their classic rock passion!

Anyway, I am the Founder of this website, so here is all about me...

My name is Rich Page, and I have been into classic rock since I was 15. I have always wanted to create a classic rock fan website - and created my first classic rock website in 1996 (when the internet was just a baby) all about the Doors. I was very proud of it.

Back in January 2008, I decided to get ambitious and create a classic rock online community! And so, classic rockers network was born!

To tell you a little bit more about me, I am originally from England, and now live in Hollywood, after spending 6 years in San Diego. In addition to being a hugely passionate classic rock fan, I also love improving websites and lucky for me my regular job lets me do that - I am a web analyst for Disney Online. I also love watching and collecting great movies, doing karaoke (badly), bowling, eating great food (love mexican and sushi in particular). So that's about it.

Lets hear from all you other classic rock fans out there! Start introducing yourselves...

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Hi Rich,
I also grew up in England, moved to Southern Illinois in 1985 from London, England. I was fortunate enough to be in England during a classic rock decade, the 70's. Went to several classic concerts, including, Richie Blackmore's Rainbow-At the Rainbow Theatre, Peter Frampton-Frampton comes alive tour, Santana, Thin Lizzy to name a few. I work as a Color Management/Photoshop specialist for a commercial printing company. Hobbies include Photography and cycling. Great web site you have created here.

Hi Rich, and everybody else,

I was first introduced to classic rock in 1981 when I was 10-Rush, Moving Pictures and fell in love with Tom Sawyer. Then my cousin introduced me to Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath. I guess they weren't classic rock then were they LOL

Anyway, I'm so glad my friend told me about this site. Too many times I've been told the I live in the past musically and should broaden my horizons. Frankly I think that's bull. It's great to have a forum to be a part of.

Tangerine 71
I live for the music that I listen to. Without Led Zepplin, Beatles, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones,
Aerosmith, ACDC, Nazereth, Creedance Clear Water, Clapton, Doors, Journey, and so
many more.
Hi :) we like all the same
ok folks its PARTY TIME
I've uploaded the entire album from my favourite live band , the J.Geils Band.
put on your dancing shoes and do your James Brown footwork :)
There is a rock trivia running on IRC on the UNDERNET SERVERS , #ROCKTRIVIA
give it a go if u got nothing else to do
i started it few years back , wrote most of the questions , now is run by some guys from the US
if u see JukeJoint online say hi , its me :)
Hi everyone my name is Diane A.K.A. Kianaii I was 12 when I started getten into rock my very fist record I bought was by the rolling stones sattisfaction it was a 45 and I payed 33 cents for it WOW Im OLD lol...
LOVE MY STONER BOYS waiting for 2010 concert aint nothin like them. mick can still run up & down that stage & keith watching him every step. my music room is all rolling stones. need to purchase some more stuff from the store!!!

haha i would kill to pay 33 cents for a record! everything is so expensive now!

Hi Rich and all. Man I miss the good times at Legend Valley! Classic Rock and Roll Fan for life! Foriegner,Cheap Trick, Ozzy, Aerosmith, Z Z TOP, Scorpions, Quiet Riot, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Bad Company, Frampton, Cars, Styx, Eagles, Doors, Nugent. My God We Were Spoiled!!! lol
Legend Valley......I think I've heard of that brother-in-law's mechanic has a timeshare there and it's always booked. Radical parties.


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