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Hey all - I just started this forum topic so that everyone on here can introduce themselves, and tell the world all about their classic rock passion!

Anyway, I am the Founder of this website, so here is all about me...

My name is Rich Page, and I have been into classic rock since I was 15. I have always wanted to create a classic rock fan website - and created my first classic rock website in 1996 (when the internet was just a baby) all about the Doors. I was very proud of it.

Back in January 2008, I decided to get ambitious and create a classic rock online community! And so, classic rockers network was born!

To tell you a little bit more about me, I am originally from England, and now live in Hollywood, after spending 6 years in San Diego. In addition to being a hugely passionate classic rock fan, I also love improving websites and lucky for me my regular job lets me do that - I am a web analyst for Disney Online. I also love watching and collecting great movies, doing karaoke (badly), bowling, eating great food (love mexican and sushi in particular). So that's about it.

Lets hear from all you other classic rock fans out there! Start introducing yourselves...

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hi everyone my name is terry and i'm from nova scotia .CAN, i'v been into classic rock all my life , a few of the bands i really like is ten years after , rory gallagher and the doors to name a few , there is just to many to name . i hope to get turned on to some new tunes i haven't heard or forgot about . thanks 

I was 13 when the Beatles came to America, and from that moment through the early 90s, music has defined my life.  I still love the Beatles and I'm a huge Moody Blues fan.

Name is chuck go by FALCONCHUCK,been a fan of LYNYRD SKYNYRD from the time I was 17 I am 64 now and there still the greatest band ever glad to be part of all of this thanks.


Hi Rich 

     I've been listening to this genre of music since 1965. I was a big Lovin Spoonful fan back then and have immersed myself in this music since. I have over 4000 vinyl records,vhs tapes,45's,cd's and dvd's on this subject which I've been collecting for over 48 years. Thank you for making this site a reality for all of us classic rockers. 

Hi, I am Joe from Liverpool, I have been into rock music since about 1968. I have loads of albums by various artists too numerous to mention. I have been A Led Zeppelin fan since I was 14, and I first saw them live when I was 16. My other favourites are Pink Floyd (with Roger Waters preferably) who I saw live on the Dark Side of the Moon tour, Barclay James Harvest, The Eagles, and many, many others, I still buy vinyl, and I have two turntables, I still use cassettes and only purchased a new Technics deck at Christmas, so in that respect I am a stick in the mud. I hate soul music and Motown with a passion. I also have over 20 Sinatra albums, so my musical taste is very varied. I have 8 guitars and I can't play any of them very well (that's the truth). Nice to meet you all and I hope to have some decent discussions about Led Zeppelin, and other griups of course.

Hello Rich — and everybody here,

Just signed up a couple of days ago. How did I miss this? Wow. Well, I'm here now. I'm a former musician, happily retired with a cool day job. In the late '60s/early '70s my older brother would bring home all of these great new records, many of which are still my favorites to this day. I'm also the publisher of J.G.R.A., the James Gang Rides Again Archive, which takes up an insane amount of my free time! Before that, I was a regular contributor over at Discogs (I think I left it in somewhat better shape than I found it...) Anyway, I could go on... Looking forward to being part of this community. Thanks for having me.


I grew up on classic rock before it became classic like most of you probably did if you were around during the late 60's/70's.  The Beatles, the Stones, the Who, Hendrix, Zeppelin, Sabbath, Alice Cooper, GFR, Kiss, Heart, Skynyrd, Van Halen & AC/DC are the main ones that rocked my world & always will.  I was born & raised in NC, I'm an only child but I wasn't too lonely.  

It's been great having you here Wayne!

Greetings, Rich and fellow audiophiles. I am Hacketteer, in deference to my great admiration for guitarist Steve Hackett and Genesis. Or just call me Joe, a trend my momma started back in 1964. I have been a classic rock fan for nearly 37 years. It all started in 1977, when I moseyed on down Liberty Avenue in Richmond Hill, NY to this strange, luring temple that would exhaust most of my discretionary income for years: the local record shop. Remember those? Records, huge posters, the fragrance of incense, smoking paraphernalia of dubious origin lining the glass shelves...

The record was Elton John's Greatest Hits, and yes, I am still a fan today, although my tastes for Elton's music run deeper into his catalog. Anyway, I'm a transplanted New Yorker here in North Carolina, enjoying the weather and the lifestyle, although I do still migrate north to visit friends and hit the occasional concert. Most of my great love is for classic rock. I do dabble in Americana, Prog, Folk and heck, anything that sounds good.

Looking forward to meeting everyone in the community. Thanks for having me.

Ah the good old record shop! Welcome to the site Joe, looking forward to seeing you on here more often and getting involved :)

Hey Joe, welcome! Yeah I remember those record shops, but it makes me wonder who remembers the record shops that sold only 45s or singles, NO ALBUMS! The first record i ever bought was from one of these shops. Proud Mary was it and I went in asking for Rolling On The River and the shop owner told the name of the song was Proud Mary I thought he was crazy, this wasn't about no girl. It was about a River Boat! Then he played the 45 on the record player he had behind the counter. Well he was right and I was confused. It was many years later before it dawned on who Mary was and why she was rolling and burning on the river.

Thanks for the welcome, Barry (and Rich!) Yeah, that era predates me but just by a bit. This will be us in the not-too-distant future.


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