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Some friends have asked me how to go about modifying their profiles here on CRN. I think we all have something we have learned here that we can share to help others modify their profiles to have a "Rocking Look"  Feel free to add to the conversation. 

1) To start I selected one of the Themes here on CRN and applied it to my profile. I think it was "area 51"  It is pretty easy to modify any of them.

2) On profile go to Customize Page - Then all options tab *** You can also go into advanced options and make changes if you know CSS (casading style sheets). Going into the advanced option is really not necessary and I would not recommend this unless you have knowledge of CSS.

3) Here I made my changes..

  • Side Image. I am using one of my own seamless backgrounds. Not necessary to make one you can find many on the internet which you can upload from your computer or use the html image link here-  .jpg/png/gif  (select tile image)
  • Header Image -works best for me at size 955x505 pixels. I am using one that I made but easy to find on Internet and you can resize and then upload from your computer. (select don't repeat image)
  • Text Color, Font, Titles etc you can change to whatever  will match the look you are for here and SAVE

4) You can also drag and move the boxes around on your profile if you don't like where they are positioned. 

5) Image box - You can insert a graphic by inserting the html code from Photobucket here or another hosting site. Can insert a video by using embedded code from Youtube video (can set to autoplay by modifying the code ( just ask if you are trying to do it and don't know how and maybe something we can all talk about)



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Wow - great post Karen! Thanks - very kind of you to talk about how our cool members can customize their profiles....

I keep hearing people say it is easy to get lost in conversations here on the site. So,if you are having a hard time figuring out where to respond to posts this may be a simple solution for y

ou ----> 

Also, had a question on how to post an image to discussion/conversation.

  1. Click on the 2nd box here at the top of the comment box ( image ) 
  2. When the box pops up you have 2 options ( tabs )  1st - choose file from your computer or 2nd - From Url 
  3. Computer - Choose the file from your computer - open it and select ok..
  4. URL - paste the URL link into the top section and click ok ( make sure this is .jpg,gif,png  etc or it won't work)  Example -  this wont work - must use this if you are stuck here -  right click on your image and open image in new tab - you will have the correct format to copy and paste now.  Click OK 
  5. Before clicking OK (you can use resize and align your image before posting  - not necessary but available option here in the popup box).
  6. Add your reply

let me know if there is any confusion here ;) 

Adding a video to the conversation

  1. Click on the third box at the top of this conversation box ( media) 
  2. When the add media box pops up - Paste embed code from Youtube, etc in this box. 
  3. This is how you access that embed code on youtube. when you are looking at your video - click on share - then embed ( I usually use the old embed code because it  always has cover pic on video )
  4. Copy and Paste the code now into your popup media box  - should look something like this   ( <  object width="475" height="356"><param name="movie" value="//;hl=en_US&amp;rel=0"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param></object  >  )
  5. Click OK and add reply 


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