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Everybody's got one of these, I think. You know the one. It makes your skin crawl and causes you to cringe and wince. It's the song that comes on the radio when you have no control to change it and you hate it so much that you just want to plug your ears but you can't, like in some kind of bad nightmare.

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Maybe it's the "snot running down his nose" or "eyeing little girls with bad intent" lines.........
lol @ Tangerine71. I feel the same way about Aqualung, but then again, I am not a huge fan of Jethro Tull to begin with.

I love the the Doors. Love them. Their most well known song to me is the song I can't stand.
Light My Fire.
Hate it. I can't listen to it.

I also love Led Zeppelin and love all but 5 of their songs.
The worst one is Down By The Seaside.
Makes me seasick.
Physical Graffiti is probably my favorite Zep album(s) and that is the only song I always skip. It would be perfect IMO, without that song.
I LOVE, LOVE, REO Speedwagon. Maybe because I graduated High School with Gary Richrath. Ya' think? I have a few of their CD's, I really like them.
"come sail away", that "Mr. roboto" song, "lady" see a trend? i don't even know if these are the correct titles, pretty much any song by styx. go ahead and throw reo speedwagon in there too, minus that "back on the road again" tune that the bass player sang.
i hate the song, ''scenes from an italian restaurant '', everytime i hear it , i just want to shoot myself .it's overplayed. and i hate that neil young song , ''hey , hey , my my rock and roll will never die '' ,or what ever the song is called .anyway i hate them both !
oh, i also hate that pink floyd song , ''keep talking '' and i'm a fan of pink floyd . i also can't stand cheap trick .i just hate the vocals .
i just remembered , i absolutely hate the song , ''once in a life time '' by the talking heads ! i can't stand that song ! it should die for good , seriously .
Everytime I hear locomotive breath I yell out, "Oh no" and practically break my button changing the channel and ANYTHING by REO makes my skin crawl!

Hotel California......without a doubt


Paul Stanley has a great voice, and Ace is one of the best guitarists, ever!
admittedly, alot of their music is not so great, esp on the early albums, but they have enough great, classic songs!
Anything by Steve Perry era Journey, he ruined a great prog rock band!
Nuff said!


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