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If its from the 1960's call it "60's Rock."

If it's from the 1970's call it "'70's rock"

Why are we STILL calling this great music the overused "Classic Rock..." WHY??"

I fully expect to see  a ton of trashtalking  from, the owners of this site;  from kids, and older rockers who, have nothing more listened to these artists on "ClearChannel"(YUCK!!) (READ:PROGRAMMED) Radio;and unlike me; have seen more then a few of these artists , live, in their origional form.

Classic rock? Are you serious?

I Expect a typical response "Why did you join this site if you hate this name so much?' My answer-I joined, becaused I love the oppertunity to interact with my fellow, and lady rock n rollers..But I also joined, to start an open discussion on why this term is still being overused; after all these years; and frankly; should be retired.




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Nice rant ;) You should check out this discussion.... I personally believe that classic rock is a genre, although many people are confused about what it is:

haha - i was at an outdoor concert on the weekend. It was advertised as an oldie's concert.  It was music from the 80's. I questioned this label and the band informed me 80's and 90's music are considered oldies now. Thinking we could have this same discussion about what we should label as oldies. Nice post. I don't care what they call it. ;)

Those bands, that you name cover many different musical genres. The 2nd group of bands, From Soundgarden to Nirvana, especially, have a legimate genre.  Grunge, born in Seattle. But what you might not know, and frankly, as a mid 60's( age) rocker, I just learned this fact: Neil Young & Crazy horse, especialy, Neil Young's "harsh" feedback-laden gutiar style is responaible for the birth of the grunge moment.This blew my mind..but it is absolutly true..Side note..Pearl Jam,,a band I really love, but yet to see, have been accused of "selling out " to the "establishment" if you will. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I started a rock blog some time ago, of all the gigs I've had the privilige to see.  I've been so busy; I've forgotton all about it..I'll try to work on it very soon.

Next on my live gig list:

Allman Bros band, with Derek Trucks, August 26,Comcast Theatre, Hartford CT

PHISH!!!!! Oct 27th XL Center, Downtown Hartford Ct..This is very special to me..I saw Phish for the first time June 6, 2010--In my long life; I've seen over 70 gigs; most groups , 95 per cent, origional members; but with the exception of the Grateful Dead-their sound systems really sucked; that is until I saw Phish..GOODNESS!  I've never heard a group's sound so loud; BUT so clear; without a hint of any all frequency ranges....incredbly rich deep lows, to midranges highs; all ranges of the frequency/sound spectrum were extrodionary. If that wasn't enough; their light show was out of this world,,and did not overwelm the group..An extrodinary experience.

Now that I've seen Phish once, Oct 27 can't come soon enoug.

This gig is so special to me; because I was born in Hartford; and still live in the area

Iknow this is a forum for classic rock, but it should be open to newer usic as well

was thinking about this a lot today. why not just call it  "eclectic rock"

Brief response

Idon't want to sound like a hypocryte-but somebody responded to my post "Classicical musical music has many styles or genres; but after reading your reply, I have to say I sort of like it; but once again you're bunching  many genres into one title, maybe..gotta think about it

Pretty much the same happens with “classical music”. The term "classical music" did not appear until the early 19th century, in an attempt to classify the period from Johann Sebastian Bach to Beethoven as a golden age of sorts. Classical music, like "classic rock", encompasses a broad variety of forms, styles, genres, and historical periods, but the label “classic” or “classical” generally refers to something serving as a standard, model, or guide. I guess that’s why rock music from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s that falls within this definition is labeled “classic rock”.


You make a real valid point.

My late dad brought me up on classical music..Whenever I get a chance; I still listen to it. Jack Bruce; in an interview from way back, when he was in Cream, cited a famous classical music composer, as his chief influience for playing electric bass. More then a few famous artists also have similar influences.

Moving forward-Trey Anastasio.,Lead gutiarist of Phish, and currently my favorite band(see my screen name) in a recient interview, said that many of Phish's long peices, were influenced by his growing up, listing to classical music, or were even written for symponic interpertion. He , in fact, has written several pieces for sympony orchestra.

So, as you see; what goes around, comes around!

I believe it Was Bach that inspired Jack Bruce

Likewise, George Martin's classical formation influenced many of the Beatles recordings, which, in turn, ended up influencing virtually everybody else. Noteworthy examples are "Eleanor Rigby", which has a strings-only accompaniment and no rock instrumentation.  "I Am the Walrus", showcases an arrangement for brass, violins and cellos.  The classical influences at the end of "A Day in the Life" are hard to miss. "In My Life" contains a speeded-up baroque harpsichord solo, and so on…

Then there were the prog rockers. ELP, Yes, Rick Wakeman, Genesis and Renaissance, to name a few, took the marriage of classical music and rock music to another level. I have never understood the bad rap that the prog rock genre has received. I don’t see anything wrong with experimentation and showmanship, particularly if the end result is good music performed by gifted artists. Nobody ever said that Michael Jordan was “pretentious” because of the way that he showcased his athletic talents on the court. Why should a different standard apply to a Keith Emerson?


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