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There are some pretty good current modern day rock bands, for example, Radiohead, Muse and Kings of Leon. But let me tell you there are so many TERRIBLE rock bands out there right now. My personal WORST CURRENT ROCK BANDS are the following:

- The Killers (winey, and rip off too many other styles)
- Death Cab for Cutie (can't stand his voice, very uninspiring music)
- Staind (completely unoriginal - sound like nickelback - very boring)
- Keane (these guys are just so dull its not even funny)
- Linkin Park (they try WAY to hard to be cool, and don't succeed)

Lets discuss! What are everyone's worst current rock bands? Reply below...

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Ok, I disagree with you about Radiohead, they suck. They are second on my most overrated bands of all time. #1 being...Coldplay!! Panic at the Disco aren't very good, the fact is there are so few good bands out there, they pretty much all suck nowadays. But I'm not bitter :)
And I'm sure I'll come up with more later.
Zeppy - you don't even like Radioheads rockier earlier albums like The Bends and Pablo Honey? Those are great! The newer stuff isn't as good, I agree.
Nope, I don't Rich, but having said that, "Creep" is one of my all time fave songs but that's it.
They are a one hit wonder band.
Wow, thats a little extreme - each to their own I guess. But hey - thats the point of this discussion to talk about crappy modern rock bands!
Yeah, i just think they are way too pretentiously artsy fartsy. Same as Coldplay.
i can't even name any cause i don't bother listening to that crap!
i generally don't either, but i try to keep up with the music scene today, but it's so bad, it's not even worth it.
New AC/DC album on Tues however!!!
1 quiet riot
2 def leopard
3 poison
4 goo goo dolls
5 twisted sister
6 ac/dc
I agree with you butu the old ac/ac is great.
I was trying to be somewhat nice in my initial post... but yes, I agree with you. I do hate them...
Hey hey lol...I'm all for constructive critisizm but some of you are down right depressing! There's something for everyone out there and...seriously if you don't like it....put up or shut up lol. You're missing the whole point of DISCUSSION!


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