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There are some pretty good current modern day rock bands, for example, Radiohead, Muse and Kings of Leon. But let me tell you there are so many TERRIBLE rock bands out there right now. My personal WORST CURRENT ROCK BANDS are the following:

- The Killers (winey, and rip off too many other styles)
- Death Cab for Cutie (can't stand his voice, very uninspiring music)
- Staind (completely unoriginal - sound like nickelback - very boring)
- Keane (these guys are just so dull its not even funny)
- Linkin Park (they try WAY to hard to be cool, and don't succeed)

Lets discuss! What are everyone's worst current rock bands? Reply below...

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The Killers are are terrible excuse for a band...
Watch out. You might get yourself killed. After all, they are The Killers.
...i also agree that The Killers are...pretty crappy. Although i LOVE LOVE LOVE FALL OUT BOY!!! they're amazing live!! they sound like the same as they do on audio. They don't lipsync and their music is TRUE. they don't sing about crap that rappers sing about. Rap isn't music. Fall Out Boy actually has TUNE. they can PLAY an insturment while a rapper hold a mic and holds his crotch. WOW! so anyways, anyone who disagrees that Fall Out Boy doesn't have any talent, i will kill you :)... well mentally :P
You're right, man. they all are doing the exact same thing.
I don't listen to any of it, really. Last band I got into briefly was Avenged Sevenfold because the guitarist could shred and they had innovative, melodic songs. Worst band? Nippleback? (haven't given them much of a chance....) Kind of tired of The Stones and Aerosmith........
one the worst boring bands live is steeley dan. I would rather listen to them. The other band is 38 special. THey played so loud it drowned out their vocals and the guitar sounds were cracking their amps.
A lot of shit is thrown on kids today
it doesnt matter what sort of music it is (if you can call it music)
as long as it sells
and this is not happening today
we had it in the from the 60s , Beatles and Stones imitators.
we had the punk thing in late 70s , bands like the Sex Pistols , the Damned
in the 80s the Hair Bands
and is not going away
if some kids wanna play their 3chords wonders , dont shoot them , just dont listen
todays kids dont wanna bother with complex arrangements , diminished chords, mixolydian scales
the lyrics mean more to them than the actual music behind it
they dont care for another hendrix , page or clapton
after all is not up to them but to the record companies.
I don't think it's that black & white, for me it's the whole package, music and lyrics have to work together, and I have a few fave singers/musicians/artists whose lyrics I love and feel are sometime more vital than the music, are lyrics not music in and of themselves, sometimes? I don't think that the words are always secondary, necessarily.
I think it depends on the band/artist.
But I do like how you are not afraid to speak your mind Phantasm, I wish more people were like that, sometimes.
Too many to mention.
Omg. Christ Almighty, does it get any worse than Nickelback? Seriously? Generic bullshit that makes me want to barf!

It most certainly does NOT get much worse than Nickleback. (except for maybe Radiohead).



Maroon 5

The All American Rejects

Beastie Boys


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