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There are some pretty good current modern day rock bands, for example, Radiohead, Muse and Kings of Leon. But let me tell you there are so many TERRIBLE rock bands out there right now. My personal WORST CURRENT ROCK BANDS are the following:

- The Killers (winey, and rip off too many other styles)
- Death Cab for Cutie (can't stand his voice, very uninspiring music)
- Staind (completely unoriginal - sound like nickelback - very boring)
- Keane (these guys are just so dull its not even funny)
- Linkin Park (they try WAY to hard to be cool, and don't succeed)

Lets discuss! What are everyone's worst current rock bands? Reply below...

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I like the Beastie Boys, they are good musicians and funny guys, and U2 used to be be good, but their last album, sucked big time. Too big for their britches.

As do I with Beastie Boys albums.

I concur, The Edge gets some cool sounds out of his guitar.

Pop was a good record, a bit of a departure, where they went more electronica, but I still like it, esp 'Mofo', and from Joshua Tree, Bullet The Blue Sky and from Unforgettable Fire, I love 'Wire', esp the entire guitar track.

I disagree with a few on this list, especially Boston, they were a great band.
Journey were great before Steve Perry.

I have always like Boston, they were very innovative for their time (well, Tom Schols was), and Brad Delp (RIP) has one of the best voices in music.
And I hate anything Steve Perry, but before that, Journey was a great guitar oriented prog rock band (first three albums, Journey, Next and Look Into The Future).

you think boston sucks one of the best debut albums ever

Laughing my ass off! Poke a sleeping bear!! Worst Rock Band....Hands down Nickelback. And I live about 200 miles from the little nowhere town they come from (Hanna, Alberta)

Had to endure seeing them a few years back when some of their bubblegum, genetic, over produced wailings were being overplayed on the airwaves here. I fail to see why they get the accolades they do. But hey, each their own. The best part was watching the drummer (if memory serves) have a little chugging contest with a member of the crowd. Pounded a beer down like dumping it out of a glass. 

The opener was "Live" which was kind of a unexpected treat. Can't remember their one hit wonder but at the time it rang a bell and was a highlight of the evening.

Their one hit is "How You Remind Me"
But I couldn't agree more, worst band, in the world, yet they sell millions of albums.
Go figure??!!

No, I meant "Live" for the 1 hit wonder.

Google time!

Got it......"Lightning Crashes"

Live had lots of hits, not just Lightning Crashes, that was a big hit, but they had plenty of others: I Alone, Selling The Drama, Dolphins Cry, Iris, All Over You, to name a few.

Wow, I wasn't aware. "Lightning" was the only song I can recall being somewhat familiar with. I'll have to have a look for them. Album titles in your fingers by chance?

Mental Jewelry, Secret Samadhi, Throwing Copper, The Distance To Here, and singer Ed Kowalczyk has a great solo album called Alive.

Throwing Copper had most of their hits, including Lightning Crashes.
And a decent cover of Johnny Cash's 'I Walk The Line'


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