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There are some pretty good current modern day rock bands, for example, Radiohead, Muse and Kings of Leon. But let me tell you there are so many TERRIBLE rock bands out there right now. My personal WORST CURRENT ROCK BANDS are the following:

- The Killers (winey, and rip off too many other styles)
- Death Cab for Cutie (can't stand his voice, very uninspiring music)
- Staind (completely unoriginal - sound like nickelback - very boring)
- Keane (these guys are just so dull its not even funny)
- Linkin Park (they try WAY to hard to be cool, and don't succeed)

Lets discuss! What are everyone's worst current rock bands? Reply below...

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Thank you very much. That's why I'm here, to expand the grey matter a little & seek out good tunes/artists that got missed along the way. Not to mention bumping into some good people .

Always happy to help a fellow classic rock fan!

worst bands ever... yes nickleback..buckcherry..britney spears..lady gaga.. oh and what about dance music?...horrible torture of the eardrum! all it has is bass and repetitive lyrics....shoot me now!!! and yes most rap...ti pain..soldier boy..oh man there is just so many and all are so over played its horrible..I hate the radio that we have in my area..nothing but CRAP! I have boycotted them all! lol!

I can't stand listening to Lincoln Park..or however you spell it!  Kings of Leon is good, just not my kind of music.  A lot of you are lucky.  You grew up in a generation full of revolutionary music, that is now 'classic rock'.  My generation isn't the music with the image any more, they are about the image, and then they occasionaly create something that isn't just popular because it is controversial or mega-sexual.

They are not a rock band but that Black Eyed Peas garbage is some of the worst sh1t I have ever heard


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