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Tell me what is your favorite song by The Doors?

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Tough question! Riders on the Storm, Peace Frog, LA Woman, to name a few...

Thank you for your reply. 

I have a lot of favorites. Made a Doors video playlist on Embedr in March. Doors Video Playlist

Not easy for me to pick a Favorite Door's Tune.

Here it goes --> The End, Soul Kitchen, Riders on the Storm,  Light my Fire, Back Door Man, Moonlight Drive, Break on Through, Five to One, Rock Me,  Touch Me, Gloria, etc, etc etc.. I love all the tunes on my video playlist. 

Thx so much for posting :)

Thank you for your reply.  You are most welcome and thank you for remembering Jim Morrison. 

Riders on the storm L A Woman  the end whisky bar,touch me

Thank you for your reply.

My absolute favorite song by The Doors is Riders On The Storm.  It was the last song Jim Morrison ever recorded and I can never hear this enough. 

Hello everyone! :D

My favorite Doors songs -- way to tough of a question to really answer. All of them! But if forced to choose top picks (in NO ORDER): Moonlight Drive, End of the Night, The End, The Soft Parade, Wild Child, Love Street, Break On Through, When the Music's Over, Not to Touch the Earth, Running Blue, Waiting for the Sun, The Spy, Riders on the Storm, L.A. Woman, Woman is a Devil..... ummm I can go on lol.

I know this is a bit of an old thread but since we just passed what would have been Jim Morrison's 72nd Birthday here's The Doors Examiner article I wrote on it. "Remembering Jim Morrison Through his Lyrics on his 72nd Birthday".

Jim Cherry

Great article!

Thank you Billie! How are you these


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