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Do you agree or disagree with Ray Davies? Though I bet you have listened to Revolver many many more times than he did at this writing!

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Great discussion! I wouldn't say Revolver is a load of old rubbish, but its certainly not as good as everyone says it is. Best track on the album for me is Tomorrow Never Knows - some real originality and very cool. Eleanor Rigby is pretty good I guess, if a little overplayed and a little too sad. Certainly doesn't compare to the White Album, and Rubber Soul is better than this too.

thnking all the people that purchased the album must have felt differently. ok beatles experts how many copies were sold ??  yeah nice topic and thanks for post :) 

Ok the "Rubbish" comment is actually directed to his opinion of the song "Yellow Submarine". Which Ray Davies was obviously not a Beatles fanatic, not enamored by their MAGIC. So I can understand his take on that song, I doubt anyone who wasn't a big Beatles fan even listening to it more than once. I myself know every second of that song by heart every beat, sound or guitar riff.

I like Ray Davies, but his comments are wrong in my opinion, mind you there is no way of knowing if that is what he actually said. In my opinion Revolver is much better than the over hyped Sgt Peppers, and I thought that when the albums were released, all the fuss about Peppers was over the Fabs use of drugs, some of the tracks are awful, like Within You, Without you, no wonder there is laughing at the end of it.

He's about as wrong about Revolver as you get along with sounding a little bit jealous in a way.  I would like to see him & McCartney do something together before it's too late.  The Kinks are one of the greatest rock bands of all time but they aren't the Beatles by a long shot. 

Yeah history has kinda proven he was wrong. As far as a collaboration, I doubt either one has a desire to do so. Even if we would eat it up!



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