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You've heard them. Songs ruined by commercials from the Beatles "Revolution" for Nike to Dream on for a buick. Which song for you is the biggest gripe for being in a commercial?

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Mine isn't a classic rock song but Howlin Wolf's "smokstack lightning" for an erectile dysfunction commercial. That's cold. period.


I totaly agree. I don't wanna say sellout but after it became a commercial it really lost it's appeal.

Don't know if this counts as classic rock but for brawny paper towels, the totally ruined lean on was very upsetting.  lol

Oh, yeah Bill Withers is classic rock for sure. Not in the sense of what everyone puts in that group. But he was rockin in that era.  I don't think they used his version. But yeah, once you get a favorite song of yours in your head and you start thinking about paper towels or hamburgers or whatever. It's completed done from there.

Interesting topic...actually one of the things that makes me proud of The Doors being my favorite band is the fact that they never allowed the use of their songs in commercials (I think the exception was some years ago with "Riders On The Storm" for the the Pirelli tires only in England, and they end up donating the money for charity) apart of them i think only Neil Young has the same views regarding the use of his music in commercials.

Oh, yeah neil kinda called Robert Plant out for the Pepsi thing. And in the article (Guitar World)  Robert said "he's right" I believe that was the inspiration for his song "this notes for you"


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