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The Rolling Stones are, and allways have been a brilliant band, but I wonder whether they are coming to the end of their time within the rock music scene (performance wise)?!  Although they still seem to be turning out OK songs, I'm thinking that it may be almost time to retire from touring, 2/3 years?  I'm sure that, like Led Zeppelin, it's better to go out with a bang on a high leaving their fans screaming for more, than to go on and on only to fizzle out!   Now I'm sure that I'm gonna put some noses out of joint by saying that but hey, someone's got to say it!  Ha.

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Oops.... 68 and counting!

And now it's getting a bit silly .....

I think they need to change things up a bit and do things that are more age appropriate.. If they are doing what they love I don't see any reason for them to retire. When I saw them perform the last time I was disappointed.  I am sure someone else would have a different opinion of the show.  I have seen them live and they were amazing back in the late 80's.  btw this is great discussion Linda !!

Glad you like the Stoney chat Karlee!

Yeah I'm not opposed to bands continuing to play cos that is what they love doing, (I would think their music and lyrics wouldn't be any good at all if they didn't!) just so long as their performances don't suffer because of their age/health etc. I admit The Rollers seem to be good for a few more years yet, but wonder if, as you yourself suggest, they would benefit from adjusting their repertoire to a more - not slow, but say, intense, gutsey, bluesy kind of stuff? I'd hate to see Mick's voice become like Ian Anderson's of Jethro Tull! I went to see his Thick As A Brick 2 concert and was shocked to hear just how bad it is!  (I don't know, I might be talking a load of poo!) 

I wonder how their appearance at this year's Glastonbury will turn out.   \m/

I read somewhere once that Keith said he would die on stage, and that would be when he stopped touring! I would go if they were 100 and still standing up!

Really Barry?  Maybe this year's Glastonbury gig will be the one to finish him off!!!!  Ha!  :/

Barry you are a true fan.. hahaha - I sure hope it doesn't finish them off..  I would hate to be disappointed and would rather remember them as they were back in the day ;)  

I don't think there will be anymore major tours from the Stones after their shows in the U. S. & ending at Hyde Park to be honest.  Keith has got a new solo album coming out soon, Charlie's got his jazz band, Ronnie's got his own band & Jagger is producing a movie about Elvis.  It's been 50 years of rocking & rolling but I'm not expecting another fifty more by a long shot.  I have heard they might do some live shows next year, I hope they do, if they don't do anything, it's officially over. 

They just announced their North America 2015 Tour...I have a deep feeling this will be it for the guys. Only West Coast appearance I heard was San Diego..bummer.


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