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So...where do we think Springsteen fits in the Classic Rock world?

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I personally think Springsteen is one of the most overrated, over inflated artist in the history of rock & roll. He was never the future of rock & roll as far as I'm concerned because Born To Run is a great album but it's not Abbey Road, Sticky Fingers, Led Zeppelin IV, the debut album from Van Halen or Bsck In Black by a long shot. The Boss isn't another Elvis or Dylan even though he's treated like one but I will say he deserves to be in the RNRHOF to be positive.

I'm so glad to know that I'm  not the only one that thinks that...agree completely...some good songs but overrated and inflated are the right terms to use!

Talented guy for sure, but never been a big fan myself. Never bought any of his music.

Nor have we...I have heard he puts on a good show live though but never had any interest in seeing them/him...


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