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Hey guys- I'm kinda new here and was wondering about Ten Years After. I just listened to Space in Time- a great album - and am wondering what should be next. Any suggestions? Do the TYA orAlvin Lee fans have any album suggestions?

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One of my favorites. Rock 'n' Roll Music To The World is one of my favorite TYA songs!

The best two are the ones you've mentioned.  But give Cricklewood Green a listen.  An earlier one.  A Space in Time is one of the great underrated albums of the time period.

Hey thanks Ed. Its nice to know I'm not alone in my tastes. Btw is your member photo the aqualung cover? It's kinda hard to see- but if it is- be still my heart!

Yes, the Aqualung cover.  I took the pic myself so it is pretty bad.  I was a little reluctant to put my old bald head on here! 

Love your name my stage in life, I'm a rock and roll grandparent!  the good news is I'm taking my granddaughter daughter to the Who concert in April and to see Brit Floyd in May! 


Awesome and welcome

Great Album "A Space In Time" among many. I dig the earlier albums of most bands late 60s early 70s.

Alvin Lee – guitar, vocals of Ten Years After also has some good stuff.

My personal favorite songs

Ten Years After-50,000 Miles Beneath My Brain.mp3
Ten Years After-Here They Come
Ten Years After-I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes
Ten Years After-I Woke Up This Morning
Ten Years After-I'd Love To Change The World
Ten Years After-Let The Sky Fall

I enjoy the band a lot, you might also want to check out the band S...

PeAcE & LoVe

The Happy Hippie

Waxtrax Radio

I've always thought they were on the upper tier of the great bands.   Don't forget the great cuts on the Rock and Roll Music to the world album too!!


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