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So, I'm going to the classic musical "Tommy", and I am totally stoked!! Has anyone ever seen it? Give me some feed back if you have!

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How was the show? I love the album... I imagine its amazing live!
Starts to show in five or six days can't wait, hope my boyfriend can get back in time to see it with me haha. I'll update you guys.

Didn't see this show live but saw the film many times when my English teacher Mr Malcolm Gerrie and the music teacher directed and produced the show at school in 1975 or so!  My class mate had the part of Tommy and other friends had parts such as the Acid Queen and Tommy's uncle Ernie, "Fiddle About"!  LOL  It got rave reviews in the local press and even got a mention in the NME and the Aquarius programme mentioned it on TV!  Mr Gerrie went on to produce Top of The Pops and The Tube, which were big music programmes on TV and got all the top bands to appear.   Good times!


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