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1.  Sometime In NYC-John Lennon

2.  Done With Mirrors-Aerosmith

3.  AC/DC-Flick Of The Switch

4.  Their Satanic Majesties Request-The Rolling Stones

5.  George Harrison-George Harrison

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1. Live at the Fillmore '68 - Santana

2. Rock 'N Roll - John Lennon

3. Full House - J. Geils Band

4. Sssh - Ten Years After

5. Moontan - Golden Earring

1) England - Garden Shed

2) Blackmore's Rainbow - Rising

3) Crack The Sky -Crack The Sky (1st)

4) Steve Miller Band - Anthology (pre-Eagle/Dreams)

5) U.K. - U.K. (1st)

Big fan of Crack The Sky at least the John Palumbo albums!

The Guess Who - #10

Steppenwolf - 7

Skynyrd - Gimme Back My Bullets

The Babys - The Babys

Rory Gallagher - ANY ALBUM!

Oh yeah, I just remembered another one! Burning Sky by Bad Company! They didn't even include any songs of this album on their Best Of album 10 From 6! it was really 10 From 5!!

Here's my list...hopefully not too much controversy:

ANY Tull album but especially Benefit.

Communique, Dire Straits

Greatest Hits The Animals (YES!!!!! Give it a listen! Way ahead of it's time)

Zepplin III (immigrant sont, Hangman, not recognized enough and marks their first change in direction leading to IV)

Allman Brothers FIRST album  I STILL play this at least weekly.  NOT a bad cut on it.  I saw them when they were still playing college campus parties in 1969.  Still memorable!



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