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1.  Who's Last-The Who

2.  Still Life-The Rolling Stones

3. Right Here Right Now-Van Halen

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Plastic Ono Band - Live Peace in Toronto ( have heard it digitally remastered - not bad. Just don't care for Yoko's screaching) 

Van Halen- Right Here Right Now ( with much respect wayne --> sorry I dont like it)

Bon Jovi - One Wild Night Live -  Bon Jovi  (Actually left Bon Jovi concert because they sounded so bad) 

Great Topic and much respect to  everyone that is fan of Plastic Ono Band, Van Halen and Bon Jovi

I have heard Yoko's side from LPIT twice since that's enough for me, the album & the video.  I don't care if you don't like Van Halen just because I do but Live Without A Net defines the Hagar era of VH to me.  Bon Jovi is only worth Slippery When Wet to me & calling them a legendary rock band is crazy.  Their music is average at best, JBJ is an average frontman & Sambora is no Clapton or Page. 

thx for feedback. Yeah Yoko didn't do much for John's career. Would have been better off to support him silently.. ;)  I have never seen Van Halen live and sure I would enjoy their concert.. I used to listen to them a lot and lost interest in their music. I think maybe they were overplayed on local radio stations. I know a lot of Bon Jovi fans out there. I think Sambora is an ok musician and may have done better in another band.. 

Rolling Stones-Got Live If You Want It


Led Zeppelin-Song Remains The Same- just not a big fan of this album, if you listen to their bootlegs this should have been a lot better.

I can't remember which one, but one of Sheryl Crow's live DVDs.  She is a terrific singer and an even better songwriter, but not exactly a legendary live performer.  She herself was not the smoothest onstage.  The band was good and solid, but her lead guitarist's solo on Zep's "Rock And Roll" was awful.

Agree with all the comments below about Ono, Bon Jovi and the rest...I would add ANY live work by CSNY...they just don't translate well from the studio. 

A great band, even live doesn't always make for a great live album...too many variables get involved in the recording...


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