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I'm not into 80's hair bands too much because they were mostly a poor man's Zeppelin, Aerosmith, AC/DC or Van Halen lacking any originality & one album wonders in my eyes. The greatest 80's hard rock album that defines the hair metal genre has to be Metal Health by Quiet Riot.  It's way above Shout At The Devil by the Crue, Slippery When Wet by Bon Jovi & Stay Hungry by Twisted Sister.  I think TS could have been a much bigger rock band if they would have exploded in the 70's.  I will say Dokken should have been way above Def Leppard, BJ & Poison by a long shot.  Appetite For Destruction by GNR sounds like something from 10 years earlier to be honest & that's why they were a little bit different. 

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There were a few good songs that came out of the "Hair Band" Era, but nowhere near what bands like Led Zeppelin or any other Classic Rock band made earlier.  In my opinion(for what its worth LOL) Hair Bands were the Classic Rock for the Kids of the late 80s and early 90s.  A lot of my listeners that are 2 or 3 years younger than I am always request bands like Ratt, Poison and (unfortunately for me)GnR. 

A lot of people may not like it, but I think it was necessary for the day and age.


I believe that Ratt and Poison toured together at one time..makes sense. Hair bands came and went with "what have you done lately" attitude. But back then that's when MTV actually played videos but still better music what we have now.

I forgot to mention Out Of The Celler by Ratt is a great hair band masterpiece but I could do without Poison since they define why the era is looking sillier & sillier.  

Great White is probably my favorite from that era. Though their earier stuff was the best, once success hit them the music suffered. Not a fan of Ratt, Quite Riot or Poison. And GnR are way over rated, other tha Slash. Speaking of Slash, what's the deal with him? He looks like a cartoon character after all these years. I think he's wearing a wig! I mean what if David Bowie still looked like Ziggy?

most women would kill for hair like that ;)

I liked the hair and never really liked the bands.. 

For me, with some exceptions (Dire Straits, AC/DC) the 80's are/were a dead period. being bald since college, can't get worked up about hair at all!!

I actually enjoyed the flip side of the 80s Devo, Peter Gabriel, Billy Idol, The Clash, The Motels, The Talking Heads, Genesis, Journey "Before Steve Perry" Accept etc... yet many i've mentioned were recording albums in the late 70s which was some of their best stuff.

When I think of hairbands from the 80s I think of Cinderella, Stryper, Poison etc..

Was never into "Pretty Boy" 80s Hair Metal yet enjoyed Sabbath, Sacred Reich, guess they were just in my mind leaning more toward the heavy metal hair dudes and didn't lean as much toward the makeup aspect.

But if ya wanted to pick up chicks hit up a bon jovi concert, sausage fest it won't be!


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