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I believe this discussion never ends...who is the best and who is overrated? Who influenced most, who tried the craziest things? Wanna know your opinion of who you think the top 5 classic rock guitar players are!

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Mick Taylor is a very cool guitar player in my opinion

BB King

Buck Dharma

Buddy Guy

Alan Christie Wilson "Blind Owl" (Canned Heat)

Mark Knopffler


Top 5 is so friggin hard. So I am going to list the top 5 that I think changed the way musicians play.

T Bone Walker

Chuck Berry

Jimmy Page

Jimmy Hendrix

Eddie Van Halen

I wont go for top 5 list,there are lots of great guitarists but Carlos Santana surely makes me feel great,amazing solos compositions ,perfect playing ,lots of feeling and soul and i would just mention three great blues guitarists , Peter Green , Rory Gallagher and Gary Moore, big omitions from you lists in my opinion.

Sonny Landreth is so underrated.

Robert Fripp
Martin Barre

**************************JIMMY HENDRIX****************************






2.David Gillmore

3.Robin Trower

4.Jeff Beck

and last but certainly not least 

5.Anne Wilson

Nancy was the sister who played the guitar. Anne was the awesome vocalist in Heart.

Thats definitely one I have never heard before - lol

Eric Clapton - I liked him in the Yardbirds, but he got my full attention with Cream and then "Derek and the Dominoes. Although he is from England we have much the same roots. Our styles are similar.

Wally Dow - Should have risen to become a major force amongst guitar players, but had a mountain of issues with his dysfunctional family. He is 68 this month on the nineteenth, but is still hoping to somehow find a good gig that pays an amount equal to today's typical income.

Dickey Betts - I knew Dickey in the very early 60s. I was his replacement as guitarist in The Imperials, which played the southern Florida area, and was house band at the Anchor Lounge in Naples, FL for about a year or so. I lost contact with him, and have tried to make contact with him several times, but he apparently just forgot all of us except maybe Jimmy Paramour. I really like Dickey's style on the guitar, but I just wish he would at least acknowledge that old friends and acquaintances exist.

Jimi Hendrix - One of my all time favorites. I met Jimi in the mid/late 50s in Clearwater, FL at the Royal Palm Club. The place had 2 stages and Jimi was with a touring R&B band (chitlin' circuit) and I was playing with the "Buddy Green" band out of St Petersburg, FL. Got to jam with him a little before the partying started on Saturday night. At that time we called him Jimmy James.

Terry Wedding - If you are ever in Nashville, TN and have the opportunity to hear Terry play .. DO IT. Terry and I have been friends since 1982, and most everyone I know considers him the "Best" jazz guitarist in the world. He ain't no slouch at blues, rock, and country either. Performing on stage with him was awesome.

Top 5.... in no particular order

1. John Petrucci

2. Steve Vai

3. Jeff Green

4. Alex Lifeson

5. Michael Schenker


Most overated

Jimmy Page - there are so so many better guitarists

Hendrix - was good and obviously groundbreaking, but by todays standards of guitarists... very average.

I don't deny that Page and Hendrix inspired a generation.... but as guitarists I just don't rate them.... just my opinion..... in fact Led Zep full stop are overrated.....

Just my opinion... we are are entitled to them....


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