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For me, it has to be Life-Keith Richards. 

I have read millions & millions of books on the Beatles, Stones, Zeppelin, Van Halen along with many others.  I have read great autobiographies like John by Cynthia Lennon, Kiss & Makeup by Gene Simmons, Clapton by Eric Clapton, I Me Mine by George Harrison & the one by Patti Boyd.  Keith's autobiography is the ultimate one, it's way above all others before & after it as a legendary rock star document.  

I would have liked to have got John Lennon's autobiography if he had lived as well but the riffmeister's book is equally special to me.   

What is your favorite classic rock autobiography?

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Hi Wayne!  The best Rock autobiography I think is "Stone Alone" by Bill Wyman!!  Have you ever read this one?  I'm reading it right now and it is CHOCK FULL of details and names!  It's just mindboggling!!  I'm half way thru and Bill's attention to detail and his memory of things that happened 50 yrs ago is unreal! I haven't read Keith Richard's book "Life" but I've heard its very good.!  Great Discussion!!

I read Stone Alone by Bill Wyman when it was just released back in 1991 & got it at the local library.  I forgot to mention Crazy From The Heat from David Lee Roth as well.  Life by Keith R. is the ultimate rock autobiography that is way above the one by Sammy Hagar by a long shot.  The other ones I got from the library but the riffmeister's book I bought & proudly so.

This is a great topic..  Stone Alone and Life are both on the top of my xmas wish list.. 

'Stoned' by Andrew Loog Oldham is probably the best one I've read. You tend to forget just how young he was when he took control of The Stones - still a teenager. For one so young he was ruthless and full of ideas. The book also paints a picture of London life in the late fifties/early sixties.

He is one of the greatest managers in rock history & I probably would be interested in reading his book if I ever see it.

Reading Neil Young's book that came out last year 'Waging Heavy Peace'and it is really good....I like it because it is written in the same tone as him talking so it feels like the two of you are just sitting around shooting the shit!! 

I really liked Riders on the Storm by John Densmore - very poignant and interesting perspective, given he was the quiet one in the band.

I Need More-Iggy Pop

Somebody to Love-Grace Slick

Stone Alone-Bill Wyman

Not a huge fan ofautobiographies, but the one I absolutely could not finish was Iommi's "Iron Man." Dry as a bone.

Agree on Keith's book being at the top.  And Patti Boyd's was interesting.  I though Clapton's a little weaker.  Try Townsends.  My daughter bought for me for Christmas.  I raised my children correctly!!!

I enjoyed "I am Ozzy" by Ozzie Osbourne. A top notch read. Buy it in the hard cover if available. You won't be disappointed.★★★★

Hello everyone!  I just received Keith Richard's book " Life" for Mother's Day...I've only read alittle bit so far but I'm sure its going to be GOOD!


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